Kamala’s Term Paper… Grade: F

By Ray Cardello for August 1, 2021 Season 2 / Post 48

Let’s assume she let time slip away and had to throw something together the night before her assignment was due. Let’s assume the family dog ate the actual report, and this was a backup. Let’s realize that Kamala Harris is incompetent, unprepared for the job of Vice President, and very soon, she may be sitting at the resolute desk. That is beyond a frightening thought. It is a forgone conclusion that Joe Biden is suffering from cognitive decline. Kamala Harris has no such excuse and has been exposed as a hack who has moved up through the ranks of politics by questionable means.

Kamala Harris released her report today on the situation at our Southern Border. This project was assigned to her months ago, and we were all waiting anxiously for some profound revelations. What we got was a cursory list of “Root Causes” that any high school student in America could have put together. It was less than a poor effort worthy of the F Grade.

She came up with five causes, one for each month on the task:

  1. Address Economic Inequality
  2. Combat Corruption
  3. Promote Respect for Human Rights
  4. Counter / Prevent Violence
  5. Combat Sexual, Gender-Based and Domestic Violence

These five causes identified by Harris could have been directed to Chicago, Minneapolis, or Portland. But the Vice President is directing these issues to the countries of Central America and specifically the Northern Triangle Countries. These countries are Honduras, Nicaragua, and Guatemala. Through July, there have been over 1.1 Million illegal immigrants that have crossed our Border since January. That is the number we know of, and nobody has a true grasp on the actual number. We understand that these migrants are not vaccinated, but we know that 8-10% of the migrants have tested positive for COVID. That means 110,000 infected migrants have been scattered throughout the country. That is a government-sponsored super spreader.

Everyone knows there is no easy answer to the illegal immigration problem. Most people point inward to our generous welfare system and lack of border security for the flow of people across our Border. We know that this flow is not isolated to people fleeing dangerous conditions south of the Border. It has been documented that apprehended illegals have come from over 125 different countries. This immigration is simply a flow of unknown people with unknown conditions coming in through our unlocked front door.

So Kamala Harris dumbed down this project that President Biden assigned to her. She took one trip to Central America and one to El Paso for handshakes and photo ops. She then published a vague and general list of what she feels are the Core Causes of the problem. It was a poor effort. If Kamala Harris was hoping this might bolster her standing in the eyes of her doubters, it failed miserably.

Here is a list I put together that Harris missed:

  1. Governments and military under the control of the cartels
  2. The proliferation of gangs
  3. The power of the illegal drug trade
  4. The plight of human trafficking and the sex trade
  5. The lack of border security

That list of five items took less than two minutes. Maybe given five months, I could have come up with some real solutions. Perhaps number one on my list is to finish the damn wall.

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