Even France Is Swinging Right

By Ray Cardello for July 1, 2024, Season 27 / Post 18

Interestingly, when the G7 met a few weeks ago in Italy, Joe Biden had the highest approval rating of any head of state in attendance. This summit was the most significant meeting of the least popular politicians in the world. These politicians cannot accept the fact that their policies have failed the common man, and people wanted a change from the progressive left ideology. They are so caught up in their self-importance that reality is beyond their grasp. How sad to think that Joe Biden won Mr. Popularity with a 38% approval rating. This meeting began the slide of doom for President Joe Biden.

France held their elections on Sunday, and the young progressive Emmanuel Macron took an absolute beating. The outcome was expected, but the swing back to the Right was significant and sent a message to every other country led by a progressive Left leader. That message is that we drank the Kool-Aid and gave you a chance to prove your way was better than that of a conservative centrist, and you failed. We were far better off living in the middle ground.

The far-right National Rally Party narrowly missed a majority. If it can expand its lead in the second round of voting on July 7, it could form the country’s first far-right government since World War II, with 28-year-old Bardella as prime minister, and replace Macron’s pro-Europe, pro-business agenda with its populist and anti-immigration platform.

Macron did not acknowledge defeat. In a statement, he hailed the unusually high vote turnout and called for the same in the second round. But the projected results suggested that his gamble in calling for the elections had backfired spectacularly and that his influence over French politics was rapidly waning.

Macron said he would not resign and could stay on until his term expires in 2027, but he would face majority opposition with little recourse. The results of this election have sent shockwaves throughout Europe. Many other European leaders suffer from the same poor approval ratings as Macron and will probably face the same outcome when their voters go to the polls. France is the second-largest economy in the E.U. and a force in E.U. affairs.

Another concern is whether the French far-right might undermine Europe’s support for Ukraine and its stance on Russia. The National Party leaders are already challenging Macron’s hold on French foreign policy and defense, suggesting the president play a more honorary role as armed forces commander in chief.

Macron was the first fringe candidate to be elected outside the more traditional center-left and center-right parties that had dominated French politics for decades. Many in Europe feel that this move away from the more progressive policies will continue on both sides of the Atlantic. The Progressive parties have had years to prove their policies work, but they have failed across the globe.

The time it takes for the National Party to win a majority may require more rounds of elections, putting France in a stalemate position. There may be many changes in candidates before the second round, including many far-left candidates dropping out. This would leave many races with just two parties- the National Party and the New Popular Front coalition.

What is happening in France and across Europe is reflective of our American race and does not look favorable on a successful Biden bid for reelection. This is one time we Americans who live on the right hope that France is right.

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