Somebody Tell Joe He Is Everything He Claims Trump To Be

By Ray Cardello for July 2, 2024, Season 27 / Post 19

Joe Biden claims he believes in the rule of law, but he has no respect for a Supreme Court that currently leans to the Right thanks to the three justices submitted by Donald Trump. As the Democrats like to say, “Elections have consequences,” and in the case of Donald Trump, his election returned the Supreme Court to a Center-Right position. Our suggestion to you, Joe, is to accept every decision from the Court with grace. The ones you agree with and those you don’t. The Supreme Court arrives at its decisions based on the text of the Constitution, something you have proven you know little about.

You came to the podium on Monday night to whine about the Court’s decision on Presidential immunity. It would be best if you were thankful to the Court, for without this decision, you would face arrest, indictment, and trial for many of your decisions over the last few years. You talk about the sins of Trump, but most people think you are referring to yourself. Joe, you have to take a minute to look in the mirror. You are either in denial, or your mental acuity is worse than we think. You are in Projection Mode, and unfortunately for you, more people are seeing through your facade. It has been painful for three-plus years as we have watched you gaslight the American people. Trump is not the liar, Joe, but you and your entire staff are the masters of misdirection.

I will admit, I admire the organization that is the Democrat Socialist Party. From top to bottom, and by bottom, I mean the media, Evertonis consistent in delivering the message. There is nothing substantive in the message and no look down the road at how you are going to make things better. No, the message is about fear. It is about controlling people by telling them how unable they are to accomplish anything without the government and how the Dems are waiting to help them with open arms. How is that for an unhealthy remark? The government is here to help you. That is precisely what Ronald Reagan warned us about and why no true Republican should ever get into bed with the Executive branch.

When you spoke on Monday, you immediately blamed the January 6 run on the Capital on Trump and his MAGA supporters. You blamed all the deaths from that day on Trump. You do realize, I hope, that you will clarify your claims on this lie. The only people who died were an unarmed woman killed by a Capital Police Officer and four Capital Police who committed suicide after the fact. As a matter of fact, none of the protestors were carrying weapons, and no weapons were confiscated.

You say that this country will be in grave danger if Donald Trump were to be reelected. But haven’t there been far more Fentanyl deaths during your term than Trump’s? Wasn’t the border closed and secure under Trump, and how dangerous you have made America when you cut off the padlocks at the border and made us a porous state? Isn’t Biden Inflation stretching every American household budget? You have made quite a mess of a good situation, which you inherited from Trump. But you bank on every American having a poor memory, and if you gaslight them enough with your lies, you can convince them you are the man for the job. Well, with a 36% approval rating, I don’t think you are convincing too many people. Actually, with that rating, you are almost guaranteed to lose in November. Then, we will see how quickly you accept the word of the people.


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