First Johnny Depp, Now The Dems

By Ray Cardello for June 9, 2022 Season 11 / Post 14

When they first announced the Depp trial would be eight weeks, I thought it was a report from Babylon Bee. But no, it was accurate, and somehow cable news networks elevated a defamation trial between Hollywood celebrities to a news item worthy of interrupting regular programming.

Democrats are now aspiring to be prime-time celebrities when the January 6th hearings go live this week. Jerry Nadler is pouting that he is not on this committee and will miss the camera time. Adam Schiff will be in the spotlight where he lived spouting lies, without ramifications, for the entire Donald Trump term.

On Thursday, the House committee investigating the January 6 attack on the US Capitol will open the first of eight hearings, marking the turning point when “one of the single most important congressional investigations in history,” as the Republican congresswoman Liz Cheney billed it, will finally go public. Cheney is one of the side stories of this show as she has taken her vendetta to new heights. She may get her piece of skin but will destroy her career in the process.

This eight-episode mini-series has all of the earmarks of a circus, and there is only one reason these hearings are prime-time is the hope they will lift the Democrats in time for the mid-terms. They are rolling the dice hoping for double sixes, but they could quickly get snake-eyes. This charade could easily blow up in their faces.

How will Nancy Pelosi explain that she was offered extra security from the White House, and she declined? How will the Democrats explain the FBI agents on video edging on the protestors? How will the Left clarify with all of the protesters’ weapons that there was but one casualty on January 6? That individual was an unarmed female shot dead by a Capitol officer. Four Capitol Police officers lost their lives due to January 6, but they were all suicides.

One officer whose body was honored under the Capitol Rotunda as a hero killed during the conflict only to find out weeks later he died of a heart attack. There will be plenty of evidence that will not put a good light on Donald Trump but just as much on the Left.

This hearing is a third Impeachment hearing of President Donald Trump with the hope that the Democrats can inflict so much damage on him that any chance of a 2024 run is dead. That is the fear these politicians on the Left have of this man and his impact on the country.

This hearing is not about justice, for there is none to be had for a sad day and chapter in our history. The Left wants to erase history unless it serves their agenda. This situation could be put to bed, but not until the Dems get their final pound of flesh.

Reality shows that Joe Biden and his party may be the most divisive group ever collected in American history. It continues to amaze the party of the President, who pledged on the campaign trail from his basement in Delaware and during his inauguration from the balcony of the Capitol that he was a unifier and President for all Americans. By the poll numbers of this feckless President, his administration, and Congress, many Americans may welcome back tweets from Donald Trump than Executive Orders from Joe Biden.

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