For Democrats, Hate is the Long Game

Season 1 Issue 97

For most people in America today, instant gratification is the number 1 rule. Need it today and need it now. There is little planning for tomorrow. I am old enough to remember Lay-Away Plans, Christmas and Vacation Clubs but they have been totally replaced with Rental Shops and Credit Cards. It is like the whole country is taking a child like tantrum…..I Want it Now!!!

The exception to Rule #1 is the Democrats plan to spread hatred of this country to every nook and cranny of America. This is definitely a well orchestrated game plan and it is working. The goal of this action is total domination of the political process, and therefore the country. The core of the plan, the ground game, is to wreak fear and destroy trust in our basic institutions. Getting people to buy into the beliefs that America is racist, that the indigenous people have been downtrodden for far too long, that the rich have too much and the poor too little, that the collective result of all of the ills of our country is the reason for Climate Change is to get them to believe that the Democrats have all of the solutions to get us on track to a pure woke society.

While the Republicans are trying to solve real problems, the Democrats are working on indoctrination of the young generations to secure their future. Initiatives like securing our safety in the world, securing our borders, supporting our Police and ensuring safe neighborhoods for all, working to strengthen our economy so the private sector will provide good high paying jobs for a growing population and to work to keep us independent of foreign energy resources while becoming more efficient to produce a cleaner environment are what the Republican Party is focused on. These are all virtuous goals but shortsighted. Republicans need to be thinking long term or they will face their demise at the hands of a strengthening Liberal Left.

The left has long owned the Media, Academia and the Entertainment sectors. They are now going after Sports, the Military and K-12. These are the last frontiers for the left. In the last couple of years, they have tightened the hold on nearly all sports except for maybe Golf and NASCAR. Athletes like Lebron James, who is now worth Billions thanks to Capitalism, are not satisfied just playing their game but need to be political mouthpieces. Just look to the foolish and irresponsible tweet that James posted and subsequently took down about the shooting of a knife wielding young girl by a Police officer as she was attacking an unarmed victim. Look to how they are trying to soften up the Military by being more concerned on diversity of the troops and to ensure that we have proper representation of Gays and Transgendered. Diversity wins out over strength.

Finally, targeting K-12 with funding for schools that promote Critical Race Theory is an example of the Left looking down the road and getting these young students ready to vote Democrat when the time comes and if the Left gets their way, the voting age may drop to 16 and they know they will own that young voting block.

Thank God she may be the least effective person in Congress.

In closing, the comments made by the Queen of The Left, AOC, yesterday exemplify the WOKE Salad they are serving up:

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is now blaming “racial injustice” for the climate crisis.

“The climate crisis is a crisis born of injustice, and it is a crisis born of the pursuit of profit at any and all human and ecological cost,” the New York Democrat said Tuesday as she again pushed the Green New Deal.

“Which means that we must recognize in legislation that the trampling of indigenous rights is a cause of climate change, that the trampling of racial justice is a cause of climate change,” she insisted to clapping.

In one short talk on Climate Change and her New Green Deal, she hit every topic that is important to the Left. Incoherent, rambling but it drew applause and has been viewed nearly one million times. Her word spreads quickly. Liberals do not believe in trickle down economy but they certainly believe in trickle down influence.

Packing the court, adding DC and Puerto Rico as states, H.R. 1 and the elimination of the filibuster are all pawns in this Democrat game plan. It is big. It is aggressive and it is building momentum. I have said it in far too many posts already, we need to be aware and stay active in our protection of our country. It is far from perfect but in less that 250 years, we have created the most successful country in the long history of man but it is fragile and if the Democrats get their way, they will take a hammer and chisel and carve out a totally new America in their image. God help us.

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