Forget a Mask, We Need to Gag Biden

By Ray Cardello for March 27, 2022    Season 9 / Post 40


Joe Biden is ruining the credibility and security of the United States. We know the damage that his policies are inflicting on America and the world, but it is with his mouth that he may be doing more harm. We could include Kamala Harris in this discussion, but we need to focus on “The Big Guy.” That is the code name used for Joe Biden in the emails and notes on Hunter Biden’s Laptop.
The Biden administration has had a messaging problem since day one. This problem has been the topic and, maybe worse, the inconsistency between Biden and his senior staff. Just this week is a most egregious example of the disconnect.
Biden jumped down a reporter’s throat for asking why the sanctions have not deterred Putin. Biden barked back that the sanctions were never meant to deter Putin. Anyone that has followed him from the beginning would know that. No, Joe, actually we would know just the opposite. Here are a few quotes from Biden’s staff contradicting their boss.
Jake Sullivan: “The President believes that sanctions are intended to deter.
Kamala Harris: “The purpose of the sanctions has always been and continues to be deterrence.”
Antony Blinken: “The purpose of sanctions  in the first instance is deterrence.”
So which is the actual position? Do we go with the three staffers, obviously given their talking points, or Biden, who has no idea what he is saying next? That question leads to the next example.
Biden was in Poland this week and addressed the Army’s 82nd Airborne Division. He was off prompter and going total improv. Biden was describing the courage and resilience of the Ukrainian people. He talked about them taking up arms and standing their ground in front of Russian tanks. He went a step too far when he told these troops that this was what they would see when they landed in Ukraine.
My surprise was not so much what Biden said but the lack of reaction in the room. All of the President’s staff was in the background, and they stood stone-faced. I did not see a single member of the 82nd flinch. Maybe nobody was paying attention, especially after he reminisced about Beau’s service. Again, misspeak, or does he have plans to send troops to Ukraine? It is anyone’s guess.
One of the more subtle instances was at the conference table with the Polish delegation. They were discussing the Ukrainian refugee situation. The Polish President claimed that he could not take any more Ukraine people crossing his border. Poland has done a tremendous job and has absorbed 2.2 million people in the four weeks of conflict.
Biden committed to taking 100,000 refugees into America and should have stopped there. Instead, he went off-script and compared the Ukraine/Poland border to our Southern Border. Not quite, Mr. President. The people fleeing to Poland are escaping missiles and gunfire. The people flowing into Texas and Arizona are from one hundred and fifty countries globally. They are not escaping war but responding to Joe Biden’s invitation. Quite a different scenario.

Finally, Biden addressed the world before leaving Poland. It was a fiery, animated speech in which Biden again talked about NATO unity and that Putin can not be allowed to stay in power. That statement was walked back quickly by a White House aide. He tried to explain that the President was talking about Putin exerting his control over another country. He said that the United States does not involve itself in regime change. It didn’t work. Biden said is and owns it.

The Kremlin responded quickly and said that Biden should not hint at a regime change. Continuing to call Putin a War Criminal, Butcher, or Dictator damages any future relationship.

These are not minor gaffes. You can be sure that Putin heard Biden allude to troops landing soon in Ukraine. Combine that with Biden calling Putin a War Criminal, and our talks with the terrorist country of Iran may fall apart. That would actually be a good byproduct of the Free World’s hapless and feeble leader.

 This article was first published on The Liberty Loft thelibertyloft.com 



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