He’s Perfect for This Time


By Ray Cardello for March 26, 2022 Season 9 / Post 39

Nancy Pelosi was at the LBJ Library on Tuesday and set America straight. She discussed Joe Biden and his place in history after one year in office.

She called him a great president. He’s just so perfect. Why? Well, he’s inclusive in his approach to justice. He’s progressive and worried about the needs of the people, like reducing health care costs, lowering the cost of childcare, and universal pre-K. He’s inclusive and makes every decision about serving the interests of justice. 


This bizarre speech is not the first time she has used the material as she first said it in December and praised the Vice President as an invaluable teammate of the President.

I realize she is the Speaker of the House but does that mean she has to give up all semblance of reality and go on the record with this dribble? What does she have to lose since she is tracking at a 35% approval rating, well below the President? She will retire a wealthy woman in November when she loses the gavel. Why not go out sucking up to the worst President since Jimmy Carter.

“Glad you didn’t win before because we need you now..” Do any of these folks ever go back and watch their performance? No, why should they? They are right and cancel anyone who doesn’t carry their water.

Then there was Cory Booker at the confirmation hearings of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson. Spartacus went into total defib, gushing over the moment and reveling at the moment as the Senate was about to make history by sending the first black woman to the Supreme Court. It was touching as he and the judge were brought to tears. It is a shame that he forgot his job was not to gush but to vet this candidate. 

The talking heads on CNN and MSNBC were in tears talking about the pure joy from Booker. He took them to the mountain top and showed them the light that is Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson. Apparently, the light sentences she gave to child pornographers before her are not of consequence. They are to the God you proclaimed as you gushed, Senator Booker. These people have not been this excited since they cheered Lia Thomas on to victory. Do you laugh at yourself when you watch yourself on the news? If not, shame on you. Those idiot talking heads should be laughing, too, instead of crying like fools.

I realize we are in a period of divisive politics but let’s get real. Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson would not be sitting in front of the Senate if Biden had not committed to putting a Black woman on the high court. That statement is ironic as Judge Jackson refused to define the term woman when asked by Senator Blackburn. Amazing that this person who has given birth to two children is so woke that she is afraid to offend someone by defining a woman.

Did I mention that she is vying for a lifetime appointment? What a joke process.

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