A Look to 2024

By Ray Cardello for March 25, 2022    Season 9 / Post 38


In normal times, the President announces his run for re-election as soon as he takes the oath. This declaration shows continuity and a commitment to the job and party. These are not normal times. President Joe Biden always adds the caveat that if he is healthy, he will be on the ballot in 2024. He also claims that Vice President Kamala Harris will be his running mate. Neither of these statements is good news for half of America, and the other half may not be thrilled either.
As the approval ratings continue to fall for both Biden and Harris, the Democrats may hope that fate will intervene and save them from a second chance to make the same mistake again..electing a feckless leader and an incompetent sidekick. Nobody wishes ill-will on our President, but they certainly wish they could hit the Re-Do button. Putting this team in the White House may have removed the evil Orange Man but losing the House and Senate was not part of the plan.
The 2020 pool of Democrat potentials was weak at best. Nobody was impressive, and Kamala Harris dropped out before the first vote was cashed. She was polling at 1-3% when she folded her tent. Nobody on the Left wanted her as President, and being female and Black are the only reasons Harris was on the ticket. She was Biden’s first mistake with many to follow.
The problem with Biden stepping down is Kamala Harris sitting behind the resolute desk. Nobody on either side wants that. We hope Biden stays healthy enough to finish his term but not entertain another four years. Biden has to keep talking 2024 or become a lame-duck President. Becoming a lame President would stall his lousy policies domestically but weaken America worldwide.
So what does a one-term Biden mean for 2024? Let’s weigh some options. Should Biden step down in 2024, the natural choice would be for Harris to move into the top slot. Nobody, save maybe her close family and friends, wants to see Harris at the top of the ticket. Well, perhaps many Republicans would love to see Harris on 2024 bumper stickers.
Many see it as a foregone conclusion that Biden will not run. If they can get Harris to step away, who will be riding the Donkey in 2024? The pool is as weak on the Left as strong on the Right. DeSantis is the current front-runner to be the Republican choice. The fact that the Left has not dug up anything to tear him down may indicate his past is clean. If not the Florida Governor, most Conservatives could give you a dozen viable alternatives. The Left does not have that luxury.
The two names that rise to the top on the Left are Stacey Abrahms and Hakeem Jeffries of New York. One still thinks she is the Governor of Georgia, and the other is best known for his part in the impeachment of Donald Trump. I think anyone on the Right would relish either or both of these Left-wingers as the Democrat flag bearer in 2024.

Please do not insult us by talking about Pete Buttigieg, AOC, Gavin Newsome, Elizabeth Warren, or, God forbid, Hillary Clinton. With these names on most Top 10 lists, it is evident how weak the Democrat bench might be. The biggest mistake the Dems, and Biden, made was going for a Black woman and not the best person for Vice President. Had they done the latter, they could let Biden walk into the sunset and still have a fighting chance in 2024 Now, they are dead in the water.

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