What is Biden’s New World Order


By Ray Cardello for March 24, 2022 Season 9 / Post 37


Was Joe Biden off prompter on Monday, or did he really mean to allude to a “new world order?” The phrase usually denotes a change in the geopolitical environment, but I am not sure Joe would recognize that shift. We know that President Biden has been impacting the world order since his first day on the job. He has moved the balance of energy, set our economy back years, made us less powerful militarily, has opened the floodgates for illegal immigration, and disrupted our supply chain.


So, of all of these negatives, I cannot come up with a positive unless you embrace diversity. Which was he alluding to on Monday? To make things more confusing, he converged two issues with his statement:


“You know, we are at an inflection point, I believe, in the world economy — not just the world economy, in the world. It occurs every three or four generations,” Biden said.


Biden was referring to the assault by Russia on the independent and sovereign Ukraine. But in his desperation to deflect blame for our economy and inflation issues, he is looking for someone, or thing, to point his finger. This is not working. You can only go to the well so many times. Before the Russian invasion, Biden blamed COVID for rising fuel costs and supply issues. Then it was Putin, and currently, it is major fuel companies. He has no evidence, but he and Psaki claim that the oil companies, especially on the west coast, are price gouging.


So what is this new world order Biden speaks of? We are sacrificing American jobs in the energy sector by shifting drilling and production to foreign entities. We are reclassifying terrorist or corrupt governments like Russia, Iran, and Venezuela as partners and sending American dollars for their crude. Our money funds the Ukraine battle in Russia and their chase to a nuclear weapon in Iran. 


Maybe it is him destroying our energy independence on day one by declaring war on big oil. Biden sees the world going Green as envisioned by John Kerry, AOC, and the rest of the Radical Left. These people see the transition from fossil to green energy as simple as flipping a switch. As usual, they are wrong. The infrastructure is not ready, the people are not prepared, the impetuous move is killing economic growth, and the inflation is worse than any tax Biden could have implemented. The 8% inflation and $5.00 gas may be more than the low to middle-income people can tolerate.


Maybe it’s a borderless world where sovereign countries are only a memory. This is what Joe Biden is creating with our porous Southern Border. Democrats do not see these people as illegal, but low-income workers and future democrat voters.


Maybe Joe Biden had no idea what he said or what it meant to his listening followers. He has proven in his first year that he does not have a solid plan. Joe Biden is erratic, sporadic, and worst of all, reactionary. Everything that he and Harris have touched has turned sour. Ukraine, Russia, and every domestic crisis with his name on it will have lasting impacts. He may not have planned them, but he owns them. Chaotic is the new world Joe will leave to his successor. Pray to God that person is strong enough to put it back together.


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  1. In my opinion Joe has a few lucid moments of honesty left departing fast. Saying this is his way of telling the Americans as Old Americans beyond the regimented 24/7 control of his puppet handlers that the NWO is coming. He is speaking only for a few seconds with spontaneity what he really feels deep down. I think he still in some way knows he is a puppet of the far left.