Forget Green Deal, We Need Defense


By Ray Cardello for March 4, 2022 Season 9 / Post 17

It comes down to logic and common sense. It should not be difficult to see the changing power base of the world and how we need to adapt. It is not hyperbole to say that what we are facing with the new alliance between China and Russia is a genuine existential threat to our future and sovereignty. We cannot continue to focus on the left’s wish list and placate the Squad while failing to fortify our defenses against foreign aggression. That aggression has many facets.


We have continuously cut defense spending as a percentage of GDP since our defense buildup under Reagan. Reagan saw the need for peace through strength and increased the defense budget to nearly 7% of GDP. We are now under 4% of GDP, and we see the effects of a weaker stance with the instability of world peace. Military spending is just one piece of the pie for our overall defense.


Our military might and our willingness and readiness to use it are a deterrent to armed aggression from hostile regimes. We face far more threats than armed aggression today than we did in Reagan’s time Therefore, we need a more comprehensive defense strategy, which will require investment. Let’s look at some of those other concerns.


  1. Cybersecurity. We have been talking about hacks of computer systems by individuals and government agencies for decades. When the Ukraine conflict escalated, there was a concern for Russia harming or shutting down our infrastructure by a cyber attack. We know the threat is present, but little has been done to shore up the security of our broadband system, which controls much of our essential infrastructure, including our financial institutions.
  2. Electric Grid and Water Supply. These have been talked about as potential targets since 9-11. From banking to our food supply, electricity and water are essential, and we continue to be naïve by thinking our systems are safe from attack. What will it take, an attack on one or both, before the people we expect to do their job do so?
  3.  The Border. Many do not think of an open border as a defense issue. They are being foolish. The advocates for allowing millions of illegal aliens into our country via the Rio Grande was they were escaping oppressive regimes in Central America. Bull. We have documented illegals from over 160 countries worldwide. These are not women and children reported by the government but young adult males from wherever and with who knows what background. The Left wants increased background checks on legal gun sales but not on millions of illegals, many of which are gang members, repeat offenders, and possibly terrorists.
  4. Defund Poilce and WOKE Justice systems. This one is pretty simple. Replace the cops lost due to BLM, stop appointing kiss & release DAs and start locking up repeat offenders today. And, oh yeah, stop blaming guns.
  5. Drugs, legal and illegal. We sold our health soul to India and China for cheaper OTC medications and RX drugs. Everything from Tylenol to Fentanyl is manufactured in these two countries because of the cheap labor market. We have sold cost for quality and supply. Ironically, Biden boasts his administration will only buy American Made, yet he went to China for the latest round of free COVID test kits for America. No company in America could gear up for the quantity needed quickly. We just found out last week that some COVID kits in use since November of 2021 have a toxic chemical in the kit that may cause problems far worse than COVID. But we got them cheap, so that’s okay. Let’s not forget that the Fentanyl coming across our Mexican border originates from China. They are knowingly killing young Americans with white powder.
  6. Finally, Stop CRT and Indoctrination. The battle for getting back to basics in Education may be relatively new, but the woosification of our schools started over 100 years ago. We are already seeing a turn-around as Mama Bear awakened, and she is not WOKE. She is mad, real, and she will be policing school boards from now on. Administrators and teachers who mess with her kids do so at their peril.

I suggest the next time someone complains about your gas-guzzling car or boat, ask about any one of the issues. The next time someone comments about rising tides or your carbon footprint, tell them what a real existential threat looks like. We have to win this messaging war and stop letting a pre-teen from some Nordic country write the policy for us. We can win this battle. We need to learn to fight harder.


 This article was first published on The Liberty Loft thelibertyloft.com