Confused. I Thought Biden Was Supposed to be On Our Side.

By Ray Cardello for March 5, 2022    Season 9 / Post 18

I do not think that we can call ourselves world leaders. We were just a couple of years ago when we took the lead, and others followed. We now have a President who works part-time, has his comments cleared by others, and is a step behind the world. Biden seems satisfied letting a European country make a move and then jump on like it was his idea.
When I check the daily schedule, I cannot remember seeing more than one agenda item and a briefing. Punches out at three and heads to Delaware by 2:30 every Friday. Not sure he works enough to earn full-time benefits. He was leaving the White House yesterday when he got into talks with the press pool. Jill was lingering nearby, which was handy. As soon as she heard a question about abortion, she scurried in and grabbed the President’s arm in time to stop a potentially embarrassing moment.
This oil situation with Russia has me baffled. First, it is sinful to be again dependent on hostile countries for oil. A year ago, we were energy independent and exporting oil and liquid natural gas. On January 20th, Biden got out the Presidential pen and put us back in the buyer mode. Now we are back yielding to the whims of OPEC and Russia. The price is up, Russian oil burns dirty, and gas prices are rising to all-time highs every week. Then Russia makes things worse by invading Ukraine. Nobody in America wants us to buy a quart of oil from Russia, let alone the billion dollars a day we were buying.
Biden has to know he is trouble when Pelosi and Cruz agree we have to pull the plug on Russian oil, but I think most people thought Biden might let American oil production flow once more. Not Joe. He has a better idea. Let’s resign the Iran Nuclear Deal and get out of bed with a crazy Russian man and into bed with an Iranian terrorist. C’mon, man, you cannot make this stuff up. We are going from funding an invasion of an innocent country to supporting an Iranian nuclear program. The President made an emphatic claim that his administration would buy American. Apparently, American oil is an exception. It appears that Biden’s backroom deals may be as dirty as Russian oil.
President Zelenskyy summed it up nicely during a one-hour meeting with the press. He thanked Biden for the assistance he supplied to Ukraine but wished it wasn’t arriving late to the party. Both intelligence and arms are coming later than expected or needed. A further example of our President reacting rather than leading. His lack of urgency is becoming so commonplace that it looks purposeful. Before Putin started his attack, Biden’s team met with China to intervene with Russia. They refused, but the damage was done. Biden performed his Triple Crown. In a matter of a couple of months, Biden allowed for the destruction of Ukraine and hopped into bed with Russia, Iran, and China. He doesn’t care who his bedfellows are.
There is no reasonable explanation for Biden’s actions other than the personal gain to be made for the Biden Family. I watched the entire State of the Union speech on Tuesday, and it concluded with a very disheartening image. Biden turned from the podium and took the hand of Kamala and Nancy to accept their adoration and congratulations. The vision of these three people, the three most influential people in the free world, left me with an empty feeling in my gut. America is a great country that has been there for every country ever in need but with these three feckless individuals joined together at this moment in time, and we have nobody to help us. God, keep an eye on us and an angel on our shoulders.
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