What Do Nancy, Ted, and Elon Have in Common

By Ray Cardello for March 6, 2022    Season 9 / Post 19


These three unlikely bedmates, and virtually everybody else in the free world who is not Joe Biden or a member of the Squad, agree we should ban Russian oil immediately. We could go into the theory that the Biden Family is making money from Russia, China, and Ukraine, But nobody other than FOX News or Dinesh D’Souza would believe us. I think it might be simpler than backdoor deals. I believe it comes down to pure incompetence on Biden and his team.
We have a right-leaning Senator, a left-leaning progressive Speaker of the House, and the owner of the largest electric-powered car company in the world, saying we need to be more energy independent now. You ordinarily could not get these three to agree on the time of day. The battle in Ukraine is unifying America in our support for Ukraine and its people. The assault is turning people away from Russia and fueling a desire to step up sanctions on Russia and aid to Ukraine. Joe Biden must hear the comments and cries to stop buying a billion dollars of Russian oil per day, but he will not yield. Why? There is no explanation that can make us feel comfortable with the President’s actions.
There is a history and a disturbing pattern linking Russia, Ukraine, and Joe Biden. It was in 2014 that Russia entered Ukraine and captured Crimea. This peninsula off the southern coast of Ukraine in the Black Sea is small, with only 24 million people. Its location is more strategic and valuable than its size. The connection is that this Russian aggression took place while Obama and Biden were in control. Obama was as weak then as Biden is today, and Russia seized on that weakness to take what they wanted in Crimea, knowing they would meet little resistance from Washington. The Obama/Biden team responded with the now famous donation of blankets to the cause.
Ironically, blankets came up yesterday when the weak-hitting Antony Blinken took to the mic and announced the U.S. would again be sending more blankets to Ukraine to help with the fight. Ukraine wants and needs missiles and planes to help ward off annihilation at the hands of the superior Russian military, and we send blankets. I could not believe that Blinken uttered the word, but he did, and it is emblematic of the feckless manner Biden, and his staff has handled this crisis.
There has not been a sighting or word from our President since he headed off to Delaware early Friday afternoon. Instead, we have Blinken and Blankets 2.0 and the announcement that Biden was again going to the bullpen for his Ace, Kamala Harris. This time, Biden is sending Harris to Poland and Romania. This move is to show support to Ukraine. How? We know that the Polish and Romania borders are as open as our Southern Border with Mexico. An open and insecure border is one thing that Harris is quite familiar. This master of the word salad could say or do nothing to aid Ukraine.
President Zelenskyy is pleading with the West, with our Senate, directly to our President, but his cries for help are falling short, and we fear time is running out on Ukraine. They have fought with courage and showed the world what resolve and love of one’s homeland could bring out in people. Their President has been an unlikely man of power and strength who his compatriots would follow into battle, but all of that pride and courage may not be enough.

This is not said with insensitivity to the plight of Ukraine, but if and when they do fall, I hope it is not on a weekend because our President will be resting, and the Do Not Disturb sign is on the door. What a sad showing from the country that claims to be the strongest on earth and the beacon of hope for others. Today, the beacon is dim.

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