From Incompetent to Dishonorable

By Ray Cardello for March 12, 2022    Season 9 / Post 25


“Let me be very clear” is the favorite preface to any response from our aged President and hapless Vice President. It triggers you to know that whatever comes next is not true. Let’s call it like it is, and let me be clear, whatever comes next is a lie.
From “incompetent  to dishonorable” was how Senator Lindsey Graham described the Biden Administration as he vented this week on FOX News. The frustration and disappointment were palpable in every word of his passion-filled monologue. I do not always agree with the senior Senator from South Carolina, but he was spot on this day.
It is painful and redundant to write about the failings of the Biden/Harris/Psaki Administration, but there is nothing positive on which to focus. Everything these three touch turns to coal, and we know how they feel about fossil fuels. Let’s look at a statement made by Kamala Harris on Thursday in Poland:
“The United States and Poland are united in what we have done, and are prepared to do, to help Ukraine and the people of Ukraine. Full stop”
What does that even mean? That is 27 words put together to sound impressive but to say nothing at all. Why is she there? Why did we waste the fuel to deliver her and her staff to the people of Poland? President Zelenskyy wants planes, the people of Eastern Europe want security from Putin, and we send them Kamala Harris. Talk about a bad consolation prize. This trip will go down as another failed effort for Harris.
Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley summed it up by saying we do not need photo-ops. We need to stop the carnage being rained down on Ukraine by Vladimir Putin. So with nothing to offer, why is the Vice President in Poland? There is no answer forthcoming. Her visit is symbolic of an administration with no clue what it is doing. You being our Vice President, Kamala Harris, is worthy of a cackle.
Wednesday may have been one of the most upsetting days of the conflict. Watching the bombing of innocent mothers and babies in a Maternity Hospital to the vision of dead Ukrainians wrapped in plastic bags dumped into a mass grave stretches the limits of what the world can tolerate. Europe and the United States appear willing to sit on the sidelines, watching Ukraine and its people destroyed. These countries contribute to Ukraine’s cause, short of sending troops. But the inconsistency in their effort is mind-boggling.
The United States is willing to send Javelins, Stingers, and Patriot systems to destroy Russian tanks and planes. But we call it escalation if we allow Poland to send them planes. It was okay last week, but the White House has reversed its decision this week. According to Psaki, it was decided that the aircraft would be construed as NATO involvement in the war and that the planes would be no help to Ukraine. That logic is tantamount to saying we can give them pistols but not rifles. It is insanity. Is there no logic, common sense, or decency left in this administration?
How much longer are we going to watch innocent women, children, aged, and crippled being bombed and killed. When will the sight of the dead thrown into a mass grave with no respect or dignity finally sicken us to a point where we have to act? Maybe, God forbid, it will be when Putin resorts to chemical or biological attacks on Ukraine. If it gets to that point, we have already failed. Somebody has to push this feckless group, led by Biden, to the sidelines and change this situation. We do not know who that person will be, but we need to find them sooner than later. The Ukrainians are starving, freezing, and dying. They are running out of time.




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