We’re They Ignorant or Simply Ignorant

By Ray Cardello for March 13, 2022    Season 9 / Post 26

There are two very different definitions of the word, Ignorant. One is to be uninformed on a particular subject. An example would be many people are ignorant about nuclear physics. The other is being untrained or unaware of any subject. An example would be an uneducated man who is ignorant of the essential functions of life.
The two New York State Senators who posed this week behind a banner of a jet plane labeled “Climate Change” about to crash into the Twin Towers of New York are guilty of both usages of the word, Ignorant. The two senators claimed they were ignorant of the banner and simply posed behind it for pictures. I say they are merely ignorant about history, their role in society, and the sensitivity of New Yorkers and all Americans. I’ll get simple for a second and say they are idiots.
Senators Rachel May and Robert Jackson, both Democrats, posed behind this banner at a rally in Albany to support a significant investment in funds to combat climate change in the state budget. Both claimed ignorance of the content of the banner. They had posed for pictures with many activists. They failed to observe the content of the banners they were standing behind. Apparently, their staff was as ignorant as these two elected officials.
What would these two individuals say if the banner depicted a Confederate Flag or Swastica? Would the Left be labeling them as White Supremacists? The Left should be condemning this ignorant duo as they would anyone of the opposing party that did the same thing. The apology is not adequate to erase this act. These two should be recalled for their actions showing a disregard for evaluating their surroundings. Why should they be given the responsibility to govern?
Though not on the same emotional level as involving the memories of 9/11, the handling of the current energy crisis by the Biden Administration shows a similar problem. They, too, are ignorant of the needs and means of the American people and ignorant to believe they can continue to lie to us and hoodwink the American people.
This war on fossil fuels began during the 2020 campaign. Biden, on many occasions, claimed his mission is to destroy the American dependence on Fossil Fuels and replace them with alternative energy sources, primarily, electricity. In an impetuous move, they took action on Day One to launch their assault. They canceled the Keystone Pipeline and shut off public lands for drilling. He increased taxes on the fuel sector and assigned John Kerry to be the Chief of Police of the Green Energy Coalition.
Americans are not only in love with their gasoline or diesel vehicles, but they depend on them. We have two gas vehicles, a diesel RV, and a gas-powered boat in my small world. I also drive a diesel school bus. Joe Biden envisions the time that all of our vehicles will be obsolete. His actions are geared to make this happen in this decade. That is the thinking of an ignorant ideologue. Good luck, Joe. That is the thinking that will revolutionize the American people against the government.
There is little desire in America for electric vehicles, with only 3% of Americans owning an electric or Hybrid car. That does not consider recreational, construction, industrial, or mass transportation vehicles. What are his plans to convert the airlines or military to electric? Does he see tanks, humvees, or F-16s plugged in and charging ready for battle? What a fool.

The Ukraine conflict has given Biden cover for his lousy energy and economic policy decisions. His administration has already created hashtags blaming Putin for record inflation and skyrocketing gas prices. Joe, the American people are not ignorant. They are not ignorant to recognize your lousy policy and indeed not ignorant enough to buy your lies. This state of the union is your mess, Mr. President. You cannot push it off on Putin. You own this mess, and we will not let you forget it.

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