Harris and Jackson Are Not Cause for Celebration

By Ray Cardello for April 10, 2022    Season 10 / Post 4

Again we are living in parallel universes. As Joe Biden introduced Katanji Brown Jackson on the lawn of the White House, he explained this day and this event was the reason he chose to run for President for the third time. He lamented about the twenty hours of questions in front of the Senate, some of them obscene and insulting. Twenty hours is trivial for a lifetime appointment. He obviously does not remember the tone of the Kavanaugh hearing, but he does not remember much these days.
Biden is working very hard to convince America that the questions Jackson was asked about why she was so lenient in her sentencing of those convicted of trafficking Child Porn. He feels that questions about her voluntarily defending terrorists at Guantanamo were offensive. He thinks that a woman being asked to define the word woman is out of line. These areas of inquiry involved actions by Jackson as an attorney or judge. These are the areas we should be concerned about when considering someone wanting to be an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.
Apparently, Joe Biden thinks the questions about drinking, diary, and alleged sexual assault that Kavanaugh faced were appropriate. Biden must think that fabricating false events, victims, and accusers to ruin the man’s character and life is within the purview of the U.S. Senate.                                                        
He feels raved about the mastery of Dick Durbin to orchestrate the strategy to get the justice approved. He lauded Chuck Schumer’s job of holding the caucus together. He praised Collins, Murkowski, and Romney for having the character to cross the aisle. Does this mean he feels the other 47 Republican Senators who voted NO lack character?
I want to be consistent with Jackson as I was with Harris. I am offended by the Biden process in selecting these two women. It is illegal to single out a particular group of people for any reason. If it is Racism to not choose a person because of their color, then it is also Racism to choose a person because of color. Had these two people been selected because they were the most qualified of all considered, we could, and should, celebrate them. Chosen because they check off two boxes, woman and color, is wrong and should be called out.

Why does the Left allow this Racism? Don’t they see that this type of preferential treatment and selection based on color is damaging to their mission of equal treatment? Biden and Harris both eluded to more equitable representation for women and minorities by Blacks, specifically Black women, appointed to the bench. If that is the case, let’s have a White Court and a Court that only hears cases involving people of color. No, how about we insist on jurists ruling based on the Constitution as if they were wearing blindfolds. That is their job, and we can, and should, insist on that, or a removal is an option.

 This article was first published on The Liberty Loft thelibertyloft.com