The Most Powerful Computer Ever Created


By Ray Cardello for April 9, 2022 Season 10 / Post 3


As an engineering student in the 70s, I saw the evolution from the slide rule to the multi-function calculator. We were in the computer lab in the darkness of night punching Fortran cards, and the personal computer was still in the minds of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. 


When the primitive desktop computers came on the scene in the 80s, they ushered in one of the most dynamic eras of growth the modern world has ever seen. It could be argued that the Mac and PC, born in garage workshops, began the Digital Age. Their impact has now been surpassed by a simple laptop born out of a Delaware computer repair shop. The infamous Hunter Laptop has changed the world.


That statement is not hyperbole. Think about what had transpired since 2019, when the laptop was received and buried by the FBI. Nothing to see here. Quite the contrary. Disavowing this laptop has had worldwide effects.


  1. Joe Biden would not have been elected the 46th President. That is based on the number of people who claim they would not have voted for Biden had they known about the Hunter Laptop.
  2. We would not be looking at the highest inflation the country has seen in forty years. The latest number is 8% and continues to climb.
  3. We would not be paying the highest gasoline prices in our history. From Day One of his term, he has declared war on the fossil fuel industry, and Americans are paying the price for his decisions.
  4. His slow reaction to the supply chain issues, specifically at our ports, combined with a Secretary of Transportation who is over his head, haunts us with empty shelves and skyrocketing prices.
  5. Our Southern Border would exist. Over 2M illegal immigrants have entered since January 2021, but with Biden dropping Article 42, we may see 100K / week. Outlandish.
  6. That 100,000 is also the number of Americans dying each year from Fentanyl made in China and smuggled through Mexico. It then comes to us through what used to be our border.
  7. Ukraine would still have a country, as two million have already relocated to Poland. It is a mess, and because Biden is compromised in Ukraine, China, and Russia, we are not giving Ukraine the support it needs nor exerting all possible sanctions on Russia.
  8. We would have a qualified Vice President and would not have been determined to have a Black Woman. It is the same with Biden’s Supreme Court Justice nominee. Lady Liberty is blindfolded, so why can’t we have the best person rather than the best Black Woman?
  9. Biden was giddy at the White House ceremony bragging about how diverse his administration is. Unfortunately, we do not need diversity. We need excellence. We don’t have it in Biden.
  10. The Taliban would not be in charge of Afghanistan, we would not be negotiating with Russia for an Iran Nuclear Deal, and we would never talk to Venezuela about their oil.

Those are just the Top 10, I could go on, but you get the point. If some foreign power intended to destroy America, they could do so without firing a shot. They just had to get Joe Biden in the White House. And to think that a small laptop, probably made in China, may have been their most potent weapon of all.


 This article was first published on The Liberty Loft thelibertyloft.com 





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