Hey Joe, Boom or Recovery

Joe Biden and Jen Psaki brag daily about the rampant and robust economy and economic recovery we enjoy under Biden/Harris. They point to the most incredible job growth and 4% economic growth, the highest in years. Unfortunately, the numbers they cite are exaggerated, or in the case of job growth, we are seeing job recovery. There are still over a million fewer people in the workforce than pre-Pandemic.
If the American worker enjoys a 4-5% growth in income, they are falling behind the 7-8% inflation. Throw in the $4/gallon gas and increased home heating costs, and good luck trying to convince the average American they are doing great. People are suffering. We are coming into the vacation season, and many families need to make a choice. Go on vacation or buy groceries and a tankful of oil or propane. Explain that to the kids,
As people feel the financial squeeze of Bidenflation and watch their 401K drop in value, how can the administration keep spinning a lie? It appears easy as Joe, Kamala, Jen, and every surrogate who gets in front of a mic effortlessly recite the same party line. Shut up and stop whining. You are doing great.
As Conservatives, we have a problem. A system of lies and mistruths is beating us. When Biden does talk, he usually steps on his tongue. The next day, or sooner, Jen Psaki has to clean up in aisle 7. The reality is that nobody on the Left sees the cleanup or explanation. They are left with the original statement by the commander in chief and a feeling that they are in good hands with Joe from Scranton.
So whether it is Joe telling a room full of union workers that he will walk into battle with them or the 82nd Airborne that he just informed would be in Ukraine soon. Maybe it is calling Putin a War Criminal or that he needs to be removed as leader of Russia. Biden says it and owns it. His supporters believe it but never hear it backed off. That’s on Page 6.
So what does all of this mean? First, you have two halves of the country believing diametrically opposed stories. Both from the President. One unabridged and one filtered and poll-tested. But he has help, and it entails the majority of the mainstream media.
Except for the NY Post and FOX News, the media has been one with the Democrats. This orchestrated manipulation of the message has been the case for decades but has become transparently obvious since Obama’s eight years at the helm. The scripts are so aligned that it appears the administration is writing the story, and the media merely delivers it.
This team effort is not a healthy situation nor what the forefathers envisioned when they granted Freedom of the Press in the Bill of Rights. They knew that government could get too powerful, and the Press was to keep them accountable and protect the populace. The purpose of the Press is gone now that they are an accomplice to the Left.
With the decline of ratings for CNN, MSNBC, NPR, and the major networks, there is evidence that the pendulum may be swinging. The msm is embarrassed with the revelations of how wrong they have been on major stories like Russian Collusion, Hunter Biden, and Election Interference that people are waking up to the game. Even this week, we see Musk becoming a significant player with Twitter and hoping he may bring credibility back to Social Media. This trend may take Biden’s Boom or Recovery and show it for what it is, a Bust.
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