Harris & Trump Sprint to the Border

By Ray Cardello for June 24, 2021. Season 2 / Post 10

Thank God for Donald Trump. Trump had waited long enough to see the Biden / Harris team recognize the Crisis at our Southern Border. Kamala Harris was placed in charge of the Southern Border Situation over 90 days ago, and other than a photo-op trip to Guatemala, she has done nothing. In that time, over 500,000 illegal immigrants have entered our Country via the Border. These immigrants are documented from over 75 countries and not just from the Northern Triangle. Biden / Harris opened the spigot, and the immigrants flowed.

Donald Trump announced this week that he would be making a trip to the Border with Texas Governor Abbott and a group of Republican Legislators. This Republican visit triggered Harris into action, and she will be going to the Border this week ahead of Trump. The difference is that Harris will be going to Western Texas and El Paso, while Trump and his fellow travelers will be going South to the Rio Grande Valley. Those are two very different views of the Crisis. El Paso is not a hot spot of illegal crossings, but the area the Trump will see certainly is. Trump will visit the tent city erected by the Biden Administration to house 1,000, 250 under COVID restrictions, but currently holds over 4,000 with a 10% positive COVID test rate.

There is no way that Kamala Harris would allow Donald Trump to upstage her by getting to the Border before her. The problem now is what is she going to do with the visit? Trump pushed Harris to do something she was reluctant to do, so what can we expect from her visit? Not much. She is going to a relatively quiet crossing point. So it is obvious she is trying to give a best-case picture of the Crisis to the American public. There will be many media people traveling with Trump, providing a different take on the Crisis.

What should Harris do with this trip? She should announce an end to Catch and Release. America should go back to the Stay in Mexico agreement that gave us the lowest numbers of illegal crossings in 45 years. She should announce the continuation of the building of the Wall. She should call in troops to effectively close the Border. The chances are excellent that she will do none of these things.

The chances are good that her trip to El Paso will placate Americans into thinking Republican alarmists are overblowing the Crisis. That dog will not hunt. She will not be able to gloss this over. She will not be able to hoodwink Americans. This overdue trip to the Border will not be a good trip for the Vice President. It will expose her weakness as the G7 did for President Biden. That is why she has ignored the Border for nearly three months. Trump ended her ability to delay a Border visit. He has called her bluff, and now he has to get as much coverage of his trip, and the Republicans need to get as much mileage as possible from theirs.

This next week will be fun. Seeing Kamala uncomfortable on her visit and seeing Donald back in action is like a good old-fashioned double feature. Get the popcorn popped, buttered, and salted. Enjoy the Show!

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  1. Tyrus on Gutfeld said it best- people are watching politics like sports now. I’ll be watching