Hello and Welcome

Welcome to my Blog. This is the second time I have published an online Blog to express my views on current events in the political arena. Not that my thoughts and words are more important or relevant than any other person’s but they are mine and I am willing to publish my words and stand by them. I am also willing to discuss these topics with anyone who will do so respectfully. This is a very volatile time and it is no mystery that I am not happy with what has occurred since the elections in November but I accept the circumstances and the players in hand but I am troubled by how the Biden / Harris administration is putting their agenda into action. The blitz of Executive Orders that have been signed in the first week is unprecedented and is obvious that the varying facets of the country that these actions address is obvious that these are being done for two reasons:

  1. Pure Vindictiveness: Many actions were done strictly to overturn Trump initiatives such as rejoining the Paris Climate Accord, stopping construction of the Wall or halting construction of the Pipeline. All of these will cost far too much money, cost too many jobs and harm the economy. Is this what the Biden years will be about?
  2. Pandering to the Progressives: Are actions like reinstating funding for abortions into the third term or allowing transgendered individuals to serve in the military. Are these so important that they needed to be addressed in the first week.

There will be much to discuss as me move forward and this Blog will not focus on Washington but will also delve into State and Local issues as well. There is so much going on and so little factual sources of information to rely on. I will do my best to stay accurate. Let’s get started.

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