Monday Night Impeachment

Where to begin with this farce. First of all the fact that this feckless group of Congressional Democrats is marching the impeachment paperwork to the Senate in Prime Time…..talk about made for bad TV. This is a mock trial of a former President with the sole purpose of not only destroying him, preventing him from ever coming back to run again and to send a message to his supporters that they are in charge and they can cancel us at their will. Sad and oh so wrong.

This is being done at a time when supposedly the Pandemic is supposed to be the focus of all. They claim the Senate can multi task but let’s be realistic, The Senate, and Congress as a whole, has not been able to put together a COVID Relief Bill in months but now claim they can impeach a private citizen and work on approving Presidential appointments and work on COVID……they can not do any of the individual let alone the collection of tasks.

The closing line of the Impeachment said it all…..prevent him from holding any other office in the future. This from Nancy Pelosi who lives in a city where 2200 homeless are living in hotels at the cost of $15M a month. This from Eric Swalwell who ran for President for a nanosecond while he was sleeping with a Chinese Spy who has left the country so she can not even be questioned. This is such a farce that I could go on for paragraphs but that would be as futile as the Impeachment and as inept as the Democrat party has shown in the last ten days. More to come….stay tuned but this will prove as useless as it did a year ago. There will not be 17 Republican Senators to vote Yeah so let’s save the time and money and move on.

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