Kill the Filibuster…Not a Good Idea

The Senate has always been considered the Upper Chamber of Congress and is the deliberative body where it is imperative that there be approval by both parties for a piece of legislature to pass in the Senate. Evidence of what happens when the filibuster is eliminated for Senate action is the approval of Supreme Court Justices. Harry Reid changed the approval of executive branch nominations and federal judicial appointments to a simple majority by utilizing the so called Nuclear Option back in 2013. He would live to regret that move when Mitch McConnell extended the Option in 2017 to allow Neil Gorsuch to be placed on the SCOTUS by a simple majority. This was the first of three SCOTUS appointments approved during the Trump administration. This was a huge development for the Republicans as it assured a Conservative leaning Court for years to come. Overall, though, this use of the Nuclear Option is dangerous for all as it places too much power into the party of power.

There are far too many initiatives on the table by Democrats in this new Congress and with them holding the Trifecta of all three branches, having a simple majority be the rule in the Senate will open the door for a flood of Progressive ideas being pushed into law. Staying with the Court, a simple majority rule would allow the packing of the Supreme Court to a possible 15 Justices instead of the historic 9. This would reshape the Court and if 6 new liberal Justices were added, it would remain liberal for generations. In addition to the Court, the initiatives on the Environment, Voting Rights and Procedures, Immigration will be just the beginning of the total transformation of the United States that Democrats have been promising for years. We have to maintain the filibuster to maintain America. It really is that simple.

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