My Pillow is Tossing and Turning

My Pillow is an American success story and now the most visable proof of the new Cancel Culture at work. Mike Lindell was a down and out crack, cocaine and alcohol addict during the 80’s and 90’s. He had lost his family, his home and had virtually nothing to live for. He managed to invent My Pillow in 2004 and started selling his product in mall kiosks and infomercials. His American based company in Minnesota has grown to now employ over 1,500 employees and has a yearly revenue of $375 Million. Not many can lay claim to that type of turn around. In 2018, he met Donald Trump and had no idea the trouble ahead because of that meeting.

Mike not only met Donald Trump but became a very vocal supporter. The next two years were good to Lindell. He found Jesus, he is always proudly wearing a crucifix in his ads (which many think we see far too many of), and he was getting more air time as Trump was having Lindell be a public face of the MAGA movement. It was a good match….until Biden won! Mike Lindell is now being treated like a piriah. Some may even say he is a borderline domestic terrorist. Twitter has permanently banned his account because, like many of us, Mike believes and still posts that there was mass fraud involved in the 2020 election. Two weeks ago, major companies started canceling existing orders for My Pillow products claiming they could not associate with someone like Mike Lindell. Kohls, Bed Bath & Beyond, Wayfair, Texas-based H-E-B Grocery and J.C. Penney have severed ties with My Pillow and others like Amazon and Costco have not taken action yet but are weighing their options. Mike Lindell and My Pillow are not throwing in the white towel yet and pledge to never do so but suffice it to say they are the poster child for the present Cancel Culture that is on steroids and growing. Just as those of us who have strong opinions will not be silenced, we cannot let companies like Mike’s be run out of business because their political views don’t align with the Left or the Media. We need to support them and hope they can ride out the storm. Capitalism and Free Enterprise are too vital to America for us to turn our backs on Mike Lindell. We may not like how many times a night we have to look at his blue shirt and dark mustache but we should all be proud that we live in a country where someone can rise up from the gutter to become so important that people feel threatened by them and want to cancel them and destroy them.

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  1. Fabulous blog. Boy is Costco dead meat too me if they join this revenge politics train! I spend a LOT of $$$ there! I will gladly rejoin Sam’s Club instead.