If Not a Crisis, Why Do We Need So Many Detention Centers?

Ray Cardello. March 17, 2021

Not since St Patrick chased the snakes out of Ireland have we seen such an exodus from a region. Ever since Biden sent out his invitation to any and all who wanted to enter our country through our Southern Border, the immigrants keep walking and crossing by boat…whatever means to cross our border and be welcomed in the Promised Land. Thousands a day are crossing yet everyone in the Biden administration is using the same talking points….It is not a crisis but a humanitarian effort and though challenging, we have control of our border. This is not our fault but the fault of the mess left to us by Trump.” BULL!

Under Trump, the Border was under control. Ice and Border Patrol had the support they needed, the wall was being built and Trump had negotiated with Mexico that anyone seeking asylum would be held in Mexico until processed. But even though it was working, it was a Trump plan and had to be nullified immediately which Biden did and now this absolute mess in our Border States and the problem will now be spreading elsewhere as Biden now has to find a place for these people to be held until processing……Hotel 6 just turned off the lights…..No Vacancy here.

The United States maintains the largest undocumented immigration detention camp infrastructure in the world, which by the end of fiscal year 2007 included 961 sites either directly owned by or under contract with the federal government according to the Freedom of Information Center and ICE. During the period 2007–2009, no fewer than 363 detention camps were used. We may need them all in 2021. So far, detainees have been sent to California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Virginia. A civic center is being looked at in Dallas to house 3,000 unaccompanied children and a facility in Homestead, Florida is also being looked at……but don’t you worry, this is not a crisis. For something to be a crisis you need to comprehend the situation so in this case the Biden administration is off the hook as they do not have a clue what they have done.

What is going to happen to these immigrants? They cannot be held indefinitely. How will the states assimilate thousands of underage, unaccompanied children. Who is going to house, school, feed and clothe these children? No answers and no end in sight for there is no crisis. This is a march for hope and we in America hope that Biden comes to his senses soon.

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