Why Does the Covid Relief Bill Need a Publicity Tour?

Joe Biden and his entire Cabinet and staff are embarking on a “Help is Here” tour to promote the COVID-19 Relief Bill that he signed into law last week. Why do you need to hit the road to promote a $1.9 Trillion pork fest that is already a done deal? Without a single vote from a Republican Representative or Senator, this bill sailed quickly through Congress without too many cuts from its original state save for the increase in the Federal Minimum Wage and we were only spared that by the Parliamentarian who did not allow it be included in the bill on a technicallity. Biden took to the Rose Garden last Friday surrounded by the ever present Kamala Harris, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi to thank them for their hard work in pushing this humungous bill through Congress and to his desk for his signature. What did they really have to do except make sure that not a single Democrat Rep had a thought of voting NAY. Being touted as the most progressive and consequential piece of legislation passed into law since the Affordable Care Act, isn’t it ironic that in both cases, we were told we would learn of all the contents of the bill after it passed. This is how a transparent government operates in this new world.

It was Ronald Reagan who warned us, “The most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” It was shown by the Trump pre-COVID economy and certainly by Operation Warp Speed that the best thing the government can do is to get out of the way. Don’t interfere, don’t impede with regulations, don’t apply restrictions….just get out of the way and let our incredible free market do its job. I had to play it back a couple of times but I actually did hear Joe Biden claim that it was the job of government to provide us with prosperity….was it a gaffe or misstep? I don’t think so. I truly believe that Democrats do not believe in capilalism or free markets. They don’t believe in equal opportunity. They believe in equality, or equity, and that all, regardless of effort, should be entitled to the same. What a sad statement to make and belief to have.

We are already seeing some of the absurdity in this relief bill. Not only are most families receiving $1,400 per adult and child but so are many people who are residents of our prison system and illegal aliens who have managed to secure a social security number. The money that was being labeled as needed to get our schools reopened is now being used in California for bonuses for teachers and staff. Mind you this is a state where teachers who were holding out from returning to the class room were being urged not to post any pictures on social media of them on vacation while they should be in a school teaching.

Let’s face facts. This bill was never about COVID relief. It is about enacting a progressive agenda. This nearly $2 Trillion Dollar Spring Spending Spree was about getting money spent on projects that never would have been possible if they had seen the light of day. Hidden in a Relief Bill, sweetened by $1,400 per person payouts, they were able to spend our money without accountability. Next is an infrastructure bill, anti gun legislature and the ominous Green Deal. This administration, and the supporting House and Senate, is not only dangerous for our future but they are taking out a mortgage on our future. When they are done, God only knows where the National Debt will be but then, does it even matter any more….probably not.

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