Illegal Aliens Not Enough, Release the Convicts

By Ray Cardello for May 3, 2021 * Season 1 * Post 107

This warped thinking of the Left is way beyond comical. It is sadly becoming a threat to the safety, health, and security of every American. The Biden Plan to open the Southern Border has resulted in thousands of Illegal Immigrants or Aliens coming across our Border with Mexico. Nobody knows how many people fleeing Mexico and Central America are trespassing into America. We only know how many are apprehended. That is known to be a low percentage of the total.

This influx of illegals does not only impact the four border states, though Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California certainly feel the brunt of the onslaught. After being processed, many illegals are transported to numerous other states to housing facilities and eventually released into the country. Many illegals do not speak the language, have no relatives to connect with, and no funds to sustain themselves. They immediately become a burden on the Social Services of their new “host” state. States like Iowa refuse to accept new visitors and Montana is suing the Biden Administration for causing an increase in illegal drugs in their state brought in by these illegals. I continue to call them Illegal, for that is a fact. These people did not immigrate to America, they violated our Border and are trespassing.

This Open Border situation is not enough for those on the extreme Left. California is about to release 76,000 convicted felons into the general population. This early release is being done to affirm Governor Newsom’s campaign promise to reduce the California prison population and state prisons. He is keeping his promise but not keeping the people of California safe. There are thousands of violent offenders, two-time offenders, even three-strike winners, and all released to roam freely. Newsom must wish all of these inmates could vote in the upcoming recall election for Governor.

These two situations born of Democrat thinking are not issues because of COVID. They would be wrong and dangerous ideas in any situation. We do not know what the end game is for the Left. Many speculate that it is to increase the number of eventual Democrat voters, while others think it is to dilute the Conservative hold of Red States. Whatever the reason, they both should stop. That will only happen when politicians on the Left are less concerned with personal power and more concerned with their constituents’ well-being. That will not happen in our lifetime.

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