Red Means GO….In Red States

By Ray Cardello for May 4, 2021 * Season 1 * Post 107

Laura Ingraham of FOX News hosted a town hall event last week with six Republican Governors. The purpose of this event was to highlight the success of the states governed by these men and women and how their decisions propelled their states to succeed in the COVID-19 environment. The gains by these states are proof of the value of Red Thinking over Left Thinking. We will examine the variables that went into this success.

First, let’s meet the participating Governors:

  1. Ron DeSantis of Florida
  2. Greg Abbott of Texas
  3. Kim Reynolds of Iowa
  4. Tate Reeves of Mississippi
  5. Pete Ricketts of Nebraska

These are the Governors who are setting the example of how states can best rise from the demise of the COVID Pandemic. These are five Governors who will exemplify the difference between the governing philosophies of the Right and Left.

Red states are painting the most optimistic picture of America’s future. If only the masses will let go of Democrat’s empty promises and embrace the opportunities they are presented with. The positives that are in common with all of the states these Governors represent are:

  1. Job Creation
  2. Lower Taxes
  3. Fewer Restrictions
  4. Low Unemployment
  5. Kids in school….real school, not Zoom School
  6. No Critical Race Theory is taught in schools

These Governors love freedom and are immune to Woke pressures. They are most concerned with their constituents’ well-being, those who back them and those who don’t. At this point in the Biden Administration, Joe has to realize that the country and the economy are doing well in spite of him, not because of him. The country’s momentum is because of Trump and Red State Governors, not by anything Biden has done in three months.

America bought Biden being the nice old moderate that would bring the country together. What they got was an old angry puppet of the Radical Left. When AOC claims that Biden is even more effective than they could have imagined, I have concerns. The Left is starting to have Buyer’s Remorse, and his falling approval ratings are proof. His approval rating is at 52%, which is the lowest for any President at this point in decades, and is only bolstered by his performance against COVID-19. That success is all based on the vaccines, the Trump vaccines.

Contrast the upbeat tone of these Governors with the negative gloom and doom of Biden’s address to Congress last week. Biden talked about the black cloud of Systemic Racism and the free ride of Big Business and the 1%ers who, in the minds of Democrats. Don’t pay their fair share. Biden spews all of this while holding onto his comfort teddy bear, his mask.

If you want to see the impact of the Left State Control, look to Oregon, Washington, Minnesota, or Michigan. Cities burning, calls for defunding the Police and Democrat Governors who cannot lead their states back to normalcy. Look to Michigan with a still closed economy or to California and New York losing Congressional seats for the first time in history based on the latest census. People are fleeing these states for Red States where they can enjoy their freedoms guaranteed in our Constitution. They are welcome as long as they don’t bring their Blue Thinking with them.

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