Insanity Doesn’t Take Weekends Off

By Ray Cardello for September 19, 2021 Season 3 / Post 45

Friday is considered the Black Hole in the Media. If you want to go on the record for anything, be it something you said or a happening you might be responsible for, and you do not wish anyone actually to pay attention to it, release it to the media on a Friday. Friday is the one day when people are more concerned with their own lives and not the news. They are more concerned with what they might do for the weekend than how the Pentagon killed ten innocents in Afghanistan with a drone strike.

Such an announcement was made on Friday afternoon by Gen. Kenneth “Frank” McKenzie. McKenzie, who heads U.S. Central Command and had oversight of the Afghanistan mission as it came to an end last month, said that officials were assessing whether anyone would be held responsible for the errant strike. McKenzie added that the U.S. government is discussing “ex gratia” payments to compensate the victims’ families.

So, the Pentagon admits that the Drone Strike of August 29 that the Pentagon and Administration had been claiming to be the death of an ISIS-K operative was a mistake. The Defense Department had previously defended the killing as a “righteous strike,” saying it tracked a white sedan for hours after the vehicle left a suspected Islamic State-Khorasan safe house. The target, Zamarai Ahmadi, was a longtime aid worker for a U.S.-based group and was hauling water cans for his family, officials acknowledged. This “mistake” ended in ten innocent deaths, including seven children.

Ten innocent people killed is not a mistake, but another embarrassing facet of the Afghanistan debacle led by President Joe Biden and carried out by his Defense Department. This event shows that the “over the horizon” capabilities that Biden has been touting and Jen Psaki has been defending are bogus. With no eyes on the ground, we are basing intelligence on unsubstantiated sources, and in this case, the information may have come directly from the Taliban. If so, the Taliban obtained its objective of getting the United States to react and commit an action for which it would have to apologize. 

When will somebody be held accountable for any of the many mistakes of the Afghanistan pull-out? So far, there is no evidence that Joe Biden, or anyone in his command, will step up and resign over decisions that have cost many their lives. We are not talking about war casualties but the needless killing of thirteen brave military members or ten innocent Afghans.

The medals and accolades by the Commander in Chief will not assuage the loss of loved ones to the families of our fallen. How much “ex gratia” payments will make an Afghan family forget having to bury the remains of a U.S. mistake? These will remain unanswered by this Administration. Biden and his minions still contend that this farce of an operation was well planned and that all supported every aspect. This claim is either a lie and staff were too timid to voice opposition, or we have assembled a group of incompetents that are a danger to our country. Neither option is a good one for us.

There may be hearings before Congress, which will be an opportunity for sound bites and photo ops by the House or Senate, leading to no resolution. There will be little or no follow-up by our media that had all of this be happening under Trump would be all in calling for impeachment. 

There was more attention to General Milley defending our Woke military and defending its teaching of CRT and White Rage before Congress than we will ever see when it comes to defending the killing of 23 innocent souls, the life-changing injuries to dozens of Afghans, the abandoning of an embassy and strategic airfield, the surrendering of billions of dollars worth of equipment and arms, or the stranding of unknown numbers of Americans by our government. This Biden Team is a feckless administration being held accountable by an equally feckless Congress. It will be up to us Americans to make these politicians pay with our votes in 2022 and 2024 to replace the whole bunch.

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ABC News via YouTube

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