You May Be Distracted, But They Are Still Coming

Biden Admin Bans Drones Over Del Rio Migrant Camp After Fox News Videos Show Thousands in Outdoor Detention Camp

By Ray Cardello for September 18, 2021 Season 3 / Post 44

It is challenging to remain focused on every aspect of today’s world. Even with 24/7 news, there is just too much activity to report it all. Something has to fall below the fold or even past page 2. I fear that is what is happening with our Southern Border, and I do not put it past the Biden Administration for this to be by design.

Afghanistan has sucked much of the air out of the newsroom as it deserved to do. Though the process was a planning disaster, it was the end of America’s longest war. We recognized the twentieth anniversary of 9/11 this past week. Not enough is said about this day and its impact on our country. And indeed, the history of 9/11 is not adequately taught in our schools. There is no child in K-12 today who was alive when we were attacked in 2001. We owe it to this generation to give them the real story.

The Pandemic continues to confuse us daily as the messaging from the White House, and CDC has been inconsistent at best. The Mandates, Passports, Vaccines, and Boosters have been a part of the daily news for eighteen months. The mess the Biden Administration made of the Pandemic recovery has become more of the story than COVID itself.

A Mess has become the norm from Washington since January. For a President who hoped to bring experience, maturity, and direction to the office has been a disappointment. These feelings are manifesting in the falling poll numbers where Biden is now upside down in every metric.

This brings me back to the Border and the flow of immigrants. Immigration has been further complicated by the planeloads of Afghans that are still traveling to our land from Kabul. The reality is that we do not know who is entering our country or from where. The number of refugees we will be taking in from Afghanistan has been increased to 200,000, but that number will grow. Since January, we have seen nearly 2 million illegal aliens coming across the Southwest Border. Let’s face it, the Border no longer exists.

This onslaught of people appears to be part of a master plan by the Democrats. Look at the destinations that these aliens / refugees are being transported to. They are housed on military bases in Wisconsin, Virginia, Texas, and New Mexico. They are strategically placed to impact the demographics of Red or Purple states. There has been no plan to fast-track the aliens to citizenship. But there has been a plan put forward to expedite the Afghans to full citizen status. This could change these states to Blue, which is the hope and goal of the Democrats. These foreigners are pawns in a Democrat plan to guarantee the outcomes of elections for years. That is why Biden and Harris have turned their backs on this problem, which is, to them, an opportunity.

This week, these three events illustrate how Democrats look at the Border and the human tsunami roaring over it.

Del Rio, TX, The International Bridge, has become a shelter and a holding area for the illegals coming from Haiti and Cuba, through Mexico to our land. The bridge is used because all other facilities in the area are maxed out. In just the last few days, the population under the bridge has grown from 4,000 to 8,000, and it will not stop there. Until today, FOX News has been reporting on the scene, but they were notified of a TFR in place for the next two weeks. A TFR (Temporary Flight Restriction) is preventing FOX from using their drone to show the magnitude of the growing situation. The government uses the FAA to shut down the telling and showing of the story developing at what used to be our Border.

Fentanyl is coming over the Border by the ton. We have lost 100,000 young people so far this year from Fentanyl overdose or poisoning. There seems to be little concern for the drugs flooding this country due to the now open borders. Instead, Senator Chuck Schumer went to the podium today to draw attention to Fake COVID Vaccine Cards printed in China (Made in China label affixed) and brought to America across our Southern Border. He said this with a straight face. Schumer is so out of touch and has little concern for people dying due to an open Border created by the Democrats. He should be ashamed of himself, but to do so, he would have to have a soul, which is doubtful.

Finally, during two separate committee hearings this week, Immigration was renamed Human Infrastructure. Democrats Jerry Nadler and Zoe Lofgren (yes, her real name) argued the importance to our future economic health we derive from Human Infrastructure. This thinking is beyond reality. The Democrats shut down the Keystone Pipeline, which contributed to our energy independence and was actual infrastructure. But now, these same Dems want us to consider illegal immigrants not as human beings but as infrastructure.

You cannot make this stuff up but do not be fooled. This is not all by chance but by design. The design by the Dems is to change our country by any means possible. We are getting tired but have to get a second wind and keep fighting these dangerous fools.

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Image is a screen grab from The Gateway Pundit