Is Biden Repeating History?

By Ray Cardello for September 7, 2021 Season 2 / Post 35

Joe Biden was a freshman Senator in 1975 as America was scaling down operations in Vietnam. President Gerald Ford was working with Congress to ket funds to facilitate the evacuation of Americans and South Vietnamese civilians who had assisted the American effort. The following is a transcript of Biden’s comments made in a meeting with Ford, Henry Kissenger, and several Senators from both sides of the aisle,

Biden: I feel put upon in being presented an all or nothing number. I don’t want to have to vote to buy it all or not at all. I am not sure I can vote for an amount to put American troops in for one to six months to get the Vietnamese out. I will vote for any amount to get the Americans out. I don’t want it mixed with getting the Vietnamese out. 

Sounds too familiar to his response to evacuations from Afghanistan. These transcripts, Biden’s actions in 1975, and his botched plan to evacuate Afghanistan give credence to comments made by Bill Gates about Joe Biden.

You have to give President Biden credit for consistency. Unfortunately, he has been consistently wrong. As Robert Gates, former defense secretary in the Obama administration, once put it, Biden has “been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.

The Afghanistan situation continues to be complex and clouded. It is complex because we do not have diplomatic ties to any legitimate government in Afghanistan. Though the Biden administration says they will use diplomacy to recover any stranded Americans, the question is diplomacy with whom? It is clouded because we rely on other countries, individuals on the ground, or foreign news agencies for current info. We have no military, government, or press of our own on Afghan soil. For example, we have reported that female Afghan police officers have been executed, but the accounts have not been validated.

Our remaining citizens stranded in Afghanistan will find leaving more challenging as the Taliban becomes more entrenched and emboldened by their newfound status. We created this situation when Joe Biden recognized the Taliban as the ruling gang and had his State Department and CIA working with them as a government and not a terrorist group.

Currently, reports and satellite images are showing six planes idle at the airport in Kabul. These planes hold nearly a thousand people, including Americans. Our State Department is holding up the take-off of these planes because they cannot verify who is on these private charters. For nearly a month, we evacuated Afghans with minimal vetting, and daily we have thousands of illegals from around the world flooding across our Southern Border. Now the Biden team is concerned with vetting. If this weren’t so serious, it would be laughable for how incredibly inept the Biden administration proves itself daily.

We have a conundrum. We know we cannot trust the Taliban, but we also fear we cannot trust Joe Biden and this administration. Biden claims we have leverage over the Taliban, but that is a lie. The Taliban have the support of Iran, Pakistan, China, and possibly Russia. They do not need support from the United States. We have no leverage. We have no future in Afghanistan. Let’s pray that the Americans we stranded in Afghanistan still have hope.

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