Is Vaccine Passports an Infringement On Rights?

By Ray Cardello for June 11, 2021 Season 1 / Post 146

Surviving the COVID-19 Pandemic was the most dangerous and stressful situation most people will ever experience in their lives. The young people forced to be vaccinated as a prerequisite to attending a college or university may be experiencing an equivalent situation. Are institutions of higher education placing our college-age children at a health risk or worse? Some experts and data say yes.

There are two ways that we can look at this issue. One involves the infringement on a young person’s rights. The second puts our children at a health risk that may be possible to avoid. Let’s first look at the infringement on individual rights. These schools are forcing students to inject a liquid into their bodies without knowing the potential harm that the vaccines may be doing to young bodies. The studies are not complete as to the dangers of the COVID-19 vaccine on people in the 13-19 age group.

We know that the incidence of death to people in the specific age group is higher than any other know vaccine, but we are yet to ascertain any other long-term physical issues that the vaccine may cause. We know that there is a tremendous increase in enlarged heart muscles in students in Israel that have received both of their doses of the vaccine. In Israel, it is mandated that all college-aged youth be vaccinated. The decision to vaccinate a generation may be causing unknown maladies in that same group.

Why are these schools doing this? Why are they forcing young people to do something that may have long-term consequences to be admitted to their institutions? There are no good answers to these questions—power, a fear of being an epicenter of a COVID outbreak, or just covering their backsides.

This past year-plus of Pandemic has exposed many bad decisions. We do not know yet if this decision by our centers of higher education will be right or wrong. We do know that this decision should not have been made until the vaccines had been more completely tested. Many of us have leaped on faith and gotten vaccinated. We are adults. We made a choice. We knew there were risks, but we felt the need for immunity outweighed the risk. These kids are not being given a choice. They are being told to get the shots or else. That is just wrong. Nobody has the right to force anyone to do something to their bodies against their will.

I fear that college-age students are not where this will end—high school, grammar school, heck, even preschool. The push is for 100% of the population vaccinated. We have already seen during the Pandemic that the younger population is not that susceptible to COVID, yet we keep elementary and high school children masked all day and now mandate the vaccine for future admittance to school. It is wrong, and the price to pay for this sweeping mandate is yet to play out. What is being done is not science but what happens to these kids certainly is.

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