She Cannot Hide Behind Her Mask

By Ray Cardello for June 10, 2021 Season 1 / Post 145

The black mask is no longer protection from COVID-19. The black mask of Kamala Harris is to hide her identity from Americans. Kamala Harris is failing so miserably on all fronts that she is trying to hide behind her hideous black mask. Unfortunately for our Vice President, the mask and matching poorly fitting black pantsuit have become her identity. She cannot hide. We see her clearly, and she is in way over her head. She best hope she can swim.

Why are we surprised? She was an ineffective Senator from one of our largest states. She was an Attorney General with a questionable body of work. She got her start in public life by having an affair with the former Mayor of San Francisco, Willie Brown. Brown thought so little of Harris that he could not support her failed bid for President in 2020.

Harris’s bitter, sarcastic attitude and nervous laughter are signs that she is uncomfortable in her role, and she shows the pressure is getting to her. She is facing daily questions about her lack of a visit to the Southern Border. Even the left-leaning media is jumping on the story. During a one-on-one interview with Lester Holt, Harris went off when he pressed her for a definitive timeline for a border visit. When she tried to explain that this Administration, including herself, had gone to the Border, Holt pushed back. “You haven’t gone” was his follow-up. Kamala was caught off guard, and her answer shows how ill-prepared she is. “I haven’t gone to Europe, either,” was Kamala’s reply. Every news outlet exploded with her response. What does Europe have to do with the Border Crisis? Nothing. There are even reports that the White House is upset with her entire Central American trip. The results have been unnoticed, and it appears that the whole trip was one big photo-op.

The images of her wearing her signature black mask when the diplomats she was meeting with wore none made her appear weak. She needed to look strong this week on her first diplomatic trip, and she failed. Not a surprise to most people. If this were corporate America, she would probably be fired this week. She is our Vice President, and we, and Joe Biden, are stuck with her. Her political future is dying a slow, painful demise.

With Biden off to the G-7 and a possible face-to-face with Putin next week, the attention will be off Harris for the next two weeks. She needs the break, but the clock is still ticking, and the questions will get even more pointed about her lack of visit to the Border. She is at nearly eighty days since Biden appointed her to solve the crisis. Instead of solving one, she may have created and more significant issue for the Administration. She has proven we do not have a Vice President that is ready for Prime Time. She claims she is, but she is proving the opposite is true.

Writing about the deficiencies of Harris does not give me pleasure. I have never been a fan, but she is our Vice President. A weak Administration will hurt us on the World Stage, and countries like China and Russia will sense weakness and pounce. We may already be seeing this with the ransomware attacks emanating from inside Russia. These are not happening without the blessing or direction of Putin. This activity must be addressed when Biden and Putin meet next week. Biden has to be assertive, but I fear Putin will have him for lunch. Biden is no intellectual match for Putin, and that spells trouble. Maybe Biden can practice with the Queen this week, but if she gets the better of him, he may have to fake an illness and come homeā€¦.with his tail between his legs.

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