January 6th? How About November 8th?

By Ray Cardello for June 20, 2022 Season 11 / Post 24

The long-awaited January 6 Committee Hearings have been a bust. If this were a made-for-TV mini-series, it would be canceled. In a way, it was when NBC affiliates cut away from the hearing to air a PGA event. The quiet of golf on TV was far more palatable than Liz Cheney committing suicide to satisfy her angst for Trump.

Cheney could have simply crossed the aisle and declared herself a Democrat if she wanted to send a message. At least she would still have a career, albeit sitting next to Adam Schiff. Maybe then she can find all the damning evidence Schiff claimed he had on Trump and the Russians. He made a career with that false claim.

No, the January 6 hearings will not sway anyone come November. This version of the Titanic, called the SS Democrat, is heading for a massive iceberg, and nobody knows how to steer the boat. The collision will occur at about 9 PM EST on November 8.

All 435 House and 35 Senate seats are on the ballot, and most pundits feel that a swing of 65 in favor of the GOP is likely. Nancy and Chuck Schumer will be replaced as respective majority leaders, and the next two years will be a stand-off between Congress and Joe Biden’s White House. Biden will still have the power of the Executive Order, but anything addressed in that manner is temporary until the next EO supplants it.

A stalemate is good for the country by stopping the progress of whatever Biden is pushing. It will not, unfortunately, correct the adverse decisions and policy blunders from the first half of Biden’s term.

Since we had a contraction of the economy in the first quarter and the second is worse, we will officially be in a recession as soon as Q2 results are announced. That announcement will devastate people, especially the low to middle class and those nearing retirement.

These groups will be hit the hardest because inflation, declining 401k accounts, and rising interest rates have a more significant burden on the less wealthy than on the rich, who can absorb them. The reality will strike fear in people, especially those who do not understand the term. Most people already feel we are in a recession, but feeling it and knowing it are two very different things.

Biden and the Radical Left think the solution is the government dumping more money into the system. Nothing could be more incorrect. The influx of big-spending bills and the breakdown of our supply chain got us here. What we do not need is gas thrown on the fire by Biden.

For the good of the country and National Security, Biden must take a tsunami in November, as well as historically low approval numbers, as a mandate that we are heading in the wrong direction. He needs to shed this Woke and Diverse staff for a more qualified group. He needs to tighten the purse strings and work with Republicans to get us out of a recession as quickly and painlessly as possible. That is what he should do, but this is Joe Biden. Instead, he will head off to his beach house and keep everything status quo.

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