Biden Fall is Symbolic

By Ray Cardello for June 18, 2022 Season 11 / Post 23

None of us should wish ill on the President even if he is wreaking havoc on every American’s life. President Joe Biden fell off his bike today while riding near one of his homes in Delaware. He was able to gather himself, get up and get right back onto his bike. Unlike his fall up the steps of Air Force One, where Biden fell three times before getting his feet under himself, today, he fell just once. He was uninjured, except for maybe his pride.

I am not mocking the President, for I give him credit for getting on a bicycle at his age, but I find these falls symbolic of his failing Presidency and the negative impact he has had on our great country. Joe Biden is not too old to be President of the United States, for there are people much older who still have the mental acuity to withstand the job’s pressure and perform the many facets of the position well. Joe Biden is not one of these people.

The President entered into discussions with pool reporters as he was leaving Washington on Friday. Impromptu Q&A can be embarrassing for this President. You may remember previous times when this happened. Once, he was saved from questions about abortion by a quick-moving First Lady. Another time he was responding to a question on Afghanistan when he was ushered away quickly by someone in a bunny suit who was later identified as a staffer. Friday, the First Lady had to once again get the President out of harm’s way.

Biden is racking up personal time at a historical rate, and the days he is “on duty” are lightly scheduled, also. He usually has a daily briefing and one event on his schedule, and a lid is typically put on just after lunch. Reviewing his daily schedule regularly makes you question how he can do so much damage to this country in such short order.

Karine Saint Pierre, and Jen Psaki, before her, constantly talk about the robust schedule the President keeps and how hard it is to match his energy level. They also talk about how transparent and forthcoming Joe Biden is. There is no evidence that this is true but repeated often in front of an eager press corps, and that is the story Americans hear.

Americans are hurting, and it is all a product of Joe Biden’s misguided policies and decisions. We are hurting at the gas pumps and the grocery checkouts. We have been watching our 401k accounts whither away. We are now seeing our interest rates rise as our home values decline, and we are but weeks away from the official word of recession. All of this pain from a President working part-time. Just think what he could do to us with a full-time effort. Scary.

The big question for many people is, if not Joe Biden pulling the strings, then who? It certainly is not Kamala Harris or Pete Buttigieg. Whoever it is, like the SCOTUS leaker, needs to be uncovered and stopped. The country cannot handle much more pain from this administration.

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