Joe and his Elf, Little Pete, Saved Christmas

By Ray Cardello for January 14, 2021 Season 8 / Post 16

These two deserve each other, and both live in their respective fantasy worlds. Joe thinks he is President, and Pete thinks he is mature enough to sit at the big people’s table. Both are taking credit for saving Christmas when they both gave us the most divisive, anxiety-filled Christmas in my lifetime. Apparently, neither of them is watching the poll numbers tumble. America sees through the smoke, fog, and lies.

First of all, I don’t know if either Joe or Pete know their jobs are designed to be full-time occupations. Joe never has more than two events on his daily schedule, and his weekends have one appointment for Saturday and Sunday: OFF. We cannot tell if Buttigieg is done with his Paternity leave. We will see him for a day, and then he goes back into hibernation for weeks.

This week, Mayor Pete was in Los Angeles explaining how he solved the back-up at our ports. He did not tell you that they moved all of the waiting ships out to sea and out of sight. That is how this administration solves problems. Keep it out of sight or create a distraction, and people will move on, and the pain goes away. Unfortunately, some media outlets have found the folks in charge of these ports, and they are spilling the beans. Nothing is solved. The ports are still a mess.

Yes, we made it through Christmas, but it had nothing to do with anything these two did or thought they did. We made decisions based on our risk/reward calculations. We made the best of Christmas by taking back control of our lives. We reconnected with family and friends and finally sat around the family table to celebrate a holiday. We did not look to the government for permission. We do not need it. Controlling our lives was never the purpose of government.

This self-praise for a job unfinished or completed poorly is the MO of the Biden team. They haven’t controlled the border, but they have done a great job getting the unvetted, untested illegals relocated throughout the country faster. They are not getting people motivated to get back to work and fill the vacancies in every sector, but they are thrilled that the unemployment rate goes down as people fall off the dole. They point to the drop in specific crime rates but disguise that D.A.s stopped charging violators for committing those crimes. They minimize the supply chain issues by claiming it results from increased demand for the improved Biden economy. Every result is the product of manipulated facts.

Look no further than their party if you need proof of how poorly Biden and Harris are performing. Bernie Sanders talks of supporting a more radical Democrat to primary against Biden in 2024. He has yet to name who that might be. Hillary is talked about as a replacement for Biden once they convince him not to run. Some feel Stacey Abrams snubbed Biden in Georgia because she plans to run against him for the Oval Office.

Biden’s approval numbers are now in the 30s. Nobody wants to attach themselves to a sinking ship, and everything Biden tries blows another hole in the hull. There is not much of the Good Ship Biden still above water.

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