Joe and Your Entire Team……Stop Lying to Us

By Ray Cardello for August 20, 2021 Season 3 / Post 17

It is bad enough that the entire Biden Administration has proven to be incredibly incompetent and unable to handle the governing of this great country. The constant lying and lack of transparency add another layer of frustration that we may not be able to handle.

Never before can I remember a time when every facet of our federal government was feckless, and we knew that every day there would be another fiasco associated with the White House. Joe Biden assured us that he was the man to bring civility and strength back to the White House. Joe Biden told us that based on his 50 years in Washington, he was ready on Day 1 to produce for us. Joe Biden snowed 80 Million voters to send him back to Washington D.C. Joe Biden snowed them all.

Usually, you can count on the military and State Department to do their job regardless of who occupies the Oval Office. After listening to the Pentagon briefing today, this usual no longer exists. The Pentagon and State Department are unprepared to perform their duties as Biden, Harris, Psaki, and Cabinet and staff. This calling out the President for incompetence is getting old and redundant. Unfortunately, Biden and his crew give us new reasons every day to remind us how feckless they are. It is sad, but it is also unnerving. I have a knot in my stomach as I read each new story or the latest video out of Afghanistan.

I listened today as Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby answered questions from the press corps. He managed to give very wordy responses that may have sounded like answers to specific questions, but he was dancing around the questions. He has a difficult job right now. To try and spin a positive message about a disastrous bungled action by our government cannot be comfortable. That is no reason to lie to the American people.

Kirby was persistent in claiming the capacity of people the military could evacuate per day is 5-9 thousand. He would not, however, divulge how many people are actually being transported but slipped. He said that there were 2 thousand yesterday, and there were only 300 Americans among them. Two hundred is a far cry from nine thousand. He also admitted that the government has no idea how many Americans are even in Afghanistan. Do you think they might be able to pull some passport data?

They also claim that the airport and perimeter are safe. Videos released immediately after the presser showed absolute chaos outside the airport. People trying to get to the airport are being assaulted, their passports or visas being stolen and access to the airport denied. Mothers surrender their children to the US military or throw them over the airport wall to save them. The military is under orders not to engage beyond the airport. They are to observe and nothing more.

This is an embarrassing time for America and a fatal blow to the Biden Presidency. This is not going away, and Democrats will own it at the midterms. God help us that we can hold on until then.

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