Joe, You’ve Even Lost Chuck Todd

By Ray Cardello for August 19, 2021 Season 3 / Post 16

The one thing that Joe Biden has been able to count on to this point is that no matter how badly he was doing, the Main Stream Media would cover for him. Well, that was until today. Chuck Todd, the moderator of Meet the Press, is one of Joe Biden’s staunchest supporters. Todd is more of a Biden cheerleader than an honest journalist. But I fear for Joe Biden that Chuck Todd looked in the mirror this morning, and his reflection gave him a hard slap across the face. He woke up to the realization that Biden and Harris were doing such a horrible job that he had to jump off the wagon and report the fact. I think Chuck had a moment of self-preservation and realized that if he wanted to continue working in the MSM, he best start telling the truth.

This is what Chuck Todd had to say when reviewing Biden’s performance thus far with Afghanistan:

Joe Biden’s greatest strength against Donald Trump in the campaign was the idea that he has been around the block, he knows what he’s doing, we’re facing this crisis with Covid, we need some basic competency back in government, no more chaos. He’s lost the competency high-marks he was getting at one time, and that’s tough to get back.

Wow! The faithful Biden supporters tuning in for their daily dose of liberal bias must be shaking their heads. He did convolute the Afghanistan debacle with the COVID effort, but the point is clear. Joe Biden is not the competent leader that the Left believed he was. If Biden continues to see his media supporters fall by the wayside, he will be exposed to what Conservatives have known from the start; Joe Biden is not prepared to be President, and Kamala Harris will be an even worse option should something happen to the President.

We are in a mess, and it is getting worse with each new day. I watched the news today, and for the first time in a long time, I am scared about the future of America. I knew that Biden and the Democrats were failing on so many fronts, but I always thought we had a system of checks and balances that would keep us from going over the cliff. I now question that system. There are so many bad decisions being made at the State and Federal levels that I am not sure we can wait until 2022 to right the ship.

The handling of COVID-19 and the threat of the Delta Variant is failing miserably. The call for VAX IDs to enter restaurants, bars, and virtually any place of public gathering will show what systemic racism looks like. With nearly 70% of Blacks unvaccinated and unable to enter public places, the Democrats are now the party of Jim Crow on steroids. The Border continues to hemorrhage with infected illegal immigrants crossing and spreading out throughout the land. Texans are already challenged with the number of illegals flooding their state, and now they are being forced to absorb Afghan refugees being flighted out of Kabul. 

Some states continue to pay workers to stay home by giving them inflated unemployment checks, and troubled youth are being paid not to commit crimes. Companies and universities are finding ways to punish employees and students who refuse to be vaccinated, and those of us who are vaxxed are told we need a third shot while the majority of the country has yet to get one. You cannot make this stuff up, and I am tired and sore from shaking my head.

Maybe Chuck Todd will be the unlikely hero in this bizarre scenario. If his fall from Democrat Grace will lead others to follow suit, perhaps the Left will be enlightened to the point of joining the Right and asking for a new direction. Maybe in this new bizarro world, we will wake up to Pelosi and Schumer calling out Biden, too. Then I’ll need the slap in the face to wake me up!

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