Sorry, We Are Not Here to Answer Your Call

By Ray Cardello for August 18, 2021 Season 3 / Post 15

Good Morning, You have reached the White House Answering Service. We are not here to take your call, but you are very important to us. Would you please leave your name and number? We will get back to you after our vacation.

Do you think this could never happen? Did you ever think you would call or text the White House Press Secretary and get an autoreply that she, too, is on vacation? Do you find this hard to believe since we are watching Afghanistan fall quickly and another group of migrants is breaching our Southern Border? This is Joe Biden’s White House, and should we have expected differently? We knew this was Biden’s MO since the primary season, and he was hiding out in his bunker in Delaware.

When you look at Joe Biden’s daily itinerary, he treats the Presidency as a part-time job. He must think this is a post-retirement gig. We saw during the campaign that Biden did not have a penchant for working long days. He started late, quit early, and took weekends off. Nothing has changed since he took the oath on January 20th. There was such a to-do about Biden having to cut his vacation short to come back to Washington and address the American people. With his decision resulting in the collapse of Afghanistan quicker than if we had imploded the country, why was he away from the White House in the first place? To further hinder communication emanating from the Oval Office during these tumultuous few days, Press Secretary Jen Psaki was also away for the weekend.

The images and reports of Taliban activity coming out of Afghanistan are horrific. The airfield used to evacuate personnel from Kabul was shut down as no perimeter was set up for security. With no coverage, planes trying to taxi were being overrun by Afghans desperately trying to board the aircraft to safety. Some aircraft could take off, but flights were stopped when bodies fell from these planes to their death. The images of our military aircraft surrounded to a halt were seen across the globe and are symbolic of America’s failed exit from Afghanistan.

Joe Biden was the candidate that assured the American voters that he was the man to bring the country out of COVID-19 and touted his strength with world leaders. He fooled them all. His handling of the vaccine program and his international policies are non-existing. Without these two competencies, he has nothing to offer. Joe Biden is damaged goods, and along with his reputation hitting all-time lows, he is dragging America down with him.

He had surrogates answering questions today. One of the most bizarre responses was from Jake Sullivan, National Security Advisor, when he admitted that Joe Biden had yet to reach out to any foreign leader in the last week. Are you serious? We just witnessed the fall of Afghanistan at the hands of Biden, and he could not pick up the phone and call any of his contacts around the world. Was it because he was too embarrassed to speak with anyone? That would give him too much credit.

One final thought. This failed operation has ties to a bad decision back in 2014 by Barack Obama. Obama traded 5 Taliban prisoners from Guantanamo for Bowe Bergdahl, who later pleaded guilty to desertion charges. These five Taliban prisoners are now in control of the Taliban forces occupying Kabul. I guess what goes around comes around.

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