Biden Owns the Afghanistan Failure

By Ray Cardello for August 17, 2021 Season 3 / Post 14

Last week, Joe Biden went on vacation and watched a nation we have spent blood and treasure to preserve for twenty years disintegrate in a few short days. The Taliban now occupy Afghanistan because of the incredible ineptitude of President Joe Biden. Joe Biden is a failure. Plain in simple, he is incapable of governing our country and reinforcing our position in the world.

In a typical Democrat style, Joe Biden is blaming Donald Trump for this debacle. That is a crock. There is no better way to describe it. Joe Biden defied all of his military advisors. They told him a complete withdrawal would have catastrophic consequences. He knew better. He is a fool.

Biden is blaming the Afghanistan military for not being willing to fight. He claims we gave them everything needed to survive, but we could not provide them with the willingness to fight. He will blame Trump, the Afghanistan government and military, and anyone else he can think of. He will accept no responsibility for the debacle we are witnessing.

We had 2,500 troops in Afghanistan when Biden took office. They had stabilized the country. Then Biden stepped in and committed to a complete pullout of troops by 09/11. A symbolic and political decision. Not a strategic decision. Biden is not capable of a sound decision. He has embarrassed America and a mockery around the world.

The 7,000 troops will assist in evacuating all civilian personnel and Afghanistan civilians who have helped us for years. These people are on lists to be killed by the Taliban. Women are at risk of rape and murder. Children are at risk of separation from their families. These lives are on Biden’s hands.

Joe Biden is a liar and has no respect for the American people. He will not take responsibility for his failure for what he has created in Afghanistan. He has “no regrets .” He has said that numerous times. It sounds no better with each time the words pass his lips.

I am angry and disgusted with Joe Biden. He is an old fool with failing mental capacities. He has been in D.C. for 50 years and is the poster boy for what is wrong with our national politics. He is a career politician who has sucked off the teat of this country, amassed a fortune for him and his family, and has done nothing to serve the American people.

Women’s rights in Afghanistan gained over the last twenty years are dissolving as quickly as are all of the gains we realized during the Trump administration. Where are the women of government? Where are Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi as Afghanistan topples and is replaced by Taliban rule? They are silent. They are frauds and are an embarrassment to women and to Americans. Joe Biden has done his best to set America back on its heels in seven months. Joe Biden has destroyed Afghanistan in a week.

Joe Biden spoke to the American people today. He took no responsibility, and he presented no plan. Biden threw up his hands and said, we could not succeed in Afghanistan; therefore, it is no longer our fight. He will not pass Afghanistan on to another President, so he gave it to the Taliban.

Great job, Joe, When you look yourself in the mirror tomorrow, you will see a man failing America. Kamala Harris is bragging about being the last person in the room when you decided to abandon Afghanistan. I guess that was so she could clean up the room.

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