Hey Democrats, This is a Real Insurrection

By Ray Cardello for August 16, 2021 Season 3 / Post 13

Democrats and Liberal Main Stream Media have been referring to January 6th as an insurrection, threat to our Democracy, and the greatest threat to our country since the Civil War. They talk about the protestors at the Capitol as Terrorists. Anarchists, Trump Supporters, and White Supremacists. Being a Trump Supporter IS proof you are a White Supremacist.

There have been five deaths of Capitol Police Officers since the protests inside the Capitol. One officer who died was celebrated in the Capitol rotunda as a hero for giving his life to protect our Democracy and the members of Congress. After months of withholding the actual cause of death, it was begrudgingly admitted that he died of a heart attack and not from wounds suffered in the confrontation. Four officers have died since January 6th by suicide. The Democrats are attempting to connect these suicides to the “insurrection,” but there is no evidence to support those claims. There was one fatality that bleak day in January. A yet-to-be-identified Capitol Police officer killed an unarmed female protestor.

Insurrection is such a hyperbole used to describe the happenings at the Capitol in January. I compare that day to what is happening in Afghanistan today. Afghanistan is an insurrection. The Capitol was a protest that got out of hand. It is tiring to hear emotional Democrat politicians break down in tears to describe how they thought they would die during the demonstrations. Some of the Democrats were not even in the building at the time. Their claims make them all sound more important and the event more dramatic. Compare their claims with images of people in Afghanistan holding onto jets trying to take off at the airport. These people are desperate to save their lives, and that it’s no hyperbole.

This is the problem you face when you dramatize a situation for political gain. When something real happens elsewhere that is life-threatening, you look foolish, and your future credibility becomes the victim. We have created this dire situation in Afghanistan by not completing the job. We needed to secure the country, train the Afghanistan military to protect her, leave enough forces to ensure stability, and remove all others from harm. We instead tried to have all troops out by 9/11 as a symbolic move rather than wait for the proper day and time strategically. The Taliban was ready for us to make the wrong move, and they have pounced.

As we are approaching the twentieth anniversary of 9/11, we should celebrate the fact that we had put down Al Qaeda and the Taliban. Instead, Joe Biden has given the Taliban the victory is needed to jumpstart a new wave of terror in the Middle East and around the world. Joe Biden has given them Afghanistan, which will become the new headquarters and training center for future terrorists. This situation is beyond sad. It is a total embarrassment, and we owe it to the bungling decisions of Joe Biden.

We have heard calls over the weekend from sitting Congressmen and Senators calling for the resignation of Joe Biden. That will not happen, and with the Democrats in charge of the House and Senate, Congressional actions to remove him will fail. Somehow, we have to hold on until 2022, when we can flip the House and Senate. The way Biden is failing us every day, holding on may be too difficult. An utterly incompetent administration is testing our strength as a country. In the meantime, the left is trying to deflect blame by creating every diversion they can. The Media has to step up and see through the smoke and mirrors. The truth is critical in this very dynamic time. I hope the MSM will stand up to the challenge.

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