How Low Can Biden Drag Us

By Ray Cardello for August 15, 2021 Season 3 / Post 12

In his own words, “C’mon, man!”. Those are the words I would like to throw back to Joe Biden with each passing day and each new lousy decision. Come on, Joe. Nearly fifty years in D.C., and this is the best you can do? You have to be able to make one sound decision. Even a blind squirrel will find a nut sometimes. But no. Bad policy appears to be what we will get out of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. We are not in a good place, and there seems to be no bottom for the Gang Who Couldn’t Shoot Straight.

This post may seem redundant. After all, I just wrote a piece on the incompetency of this administration. But that was before Biden announced from his weekend vacation retreat that he would be sending thousands of troops back to Afghanistan. Mind you, he just pulled them all out prematurely by all accounts. But the country is collapsing faster than anyone could have seen, and we have a diplomatic corp and their families that need help evacuating our embassy. This event is a stark reminder of the helicopters taking the last civilians from the roof of our embassy in Saigon. History repeats itself, and the most powerful military force on earth has again failed to finish the job. No way I am blaming the military. Washington, both Conservative and Liberal, will not let the Pentagon and our military do their job. It’s embarrassing.

It is not just Afghanistan for this week brought our return to dealing with OPEC. History repeats itself. Biden shut down the Keystone Pipeline and ended significant areas of fracking. Biden has taken us from energy independence to begging OPEC once again to increase available supply in just seven months. In that time, prices at the pump have risen over 40%. This not only costs every American driver at the pump but increases the cost of every good delivered by truck. Energy cost is one of the most significant contributors to the high inflation plaguing every American consumer. With Biden’s energy policies, we will not see prices drop or return to freedom from OPEC.

With the percentage of vaccinated Americans stalling at 50, the goal set by Biden of 70% seems out of reach. This failure is resulting in vaccine mandates hitting all military, medical, and education sectors. Companies are trying to help Biden by being creative in their pressure on employees to get vaxxed. Some companies insist on being vaccinated for continued employment, or they are docking pay until the employee relents. It is becoming clear that students returning to school in a few weeks will be masked with pressure on students over 12 to be vaccinated. These widespread mandates will be challenged at the Supreme Court level

So what good came out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue this week? Nothing. Not a damn thing which is the only thing we can count on from Biden and his team. Maybe it would be best if Biden and Harris both go on vacation. A real vacation. A Vacation where they will not be making decisions that will hurt every one of us. Hey, Joe and Kamala, we don’t miss you, and the only thing we want to see from you is a way to secure the pups.

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