We All Need an Escape From Reality

By Ray Cardello for August 14, 2021 Season 3 / Post 11

I have encountered so many people who have done their best to shut out the real world. Young or old, they find it too challenging to face the constant bombardment of bad news and conflict we experience in the print and electronic media world. The 24/7 news cycle creates so much anxiety that it is easier to simply turn it all off. News and politics have become an obsession for some. But others need to turn their backs to it all for the sake of health and wellness. What these people have taught us is that we all need an escape. We all need to take a step back, focus on our world, and let the rest pass us by.

When we were in the middle of the Pandemic last summer and needed to step away, something that worked for us was to get into our RV and get to a campground. These adventures allowed us to escape the quarantine of our too-familiar home and to unplug for a bit. To be out with happy people, RVers are always happy, enjoy the fresh air and the beauty of Mother Nature, and talk about things other than politics and the Pandemic was therapeutic. It was a pleasure to meet new people and talk about their rigs and travels rather than their mask mandates and COVID restrictions in their hometown. Mother Nature has far fewer restrictions than our local selectmen. She does not need the power trip of telling us how to lead our lives.

We are lucky to live in New England, where you do not have to travel far to find a new destination. The Maine Coast and the New Hampshire Mountains welcomed us and gave us the time we needed to refresh our minds before heading back to reality. We made 14 such trips last summer, which truly helped us stay grounded through a time that we all found incredibly challenging. We were amazed to meet so many couples who have made living in an RV their way of life. These folks have sold their homes and most of their possessions and took to the road. I challenge you to find a happier, more content, and at ease group of people anywhere. I doubt you will. These people enjoyed the freedom of the road, and their only challenge was deciding on their next stop.

The beauty of a sunrise on the Maine Coast welcomes a new day

We are not ready to become “full-timers,” but we enjoyed planning our summer trips for this year as we endured the New England winter. It was disappointing to have to cancel the most extended trip that was to take us beyond New England. We had planned a ten-day adventure with a friend to take us to Michigan and its beautiful Upper Peninsula. We had spent hours planning this trip and watching YouTube videos to get us ready to make the most of our journey. Unfortunately, Michigan’s Governor was one state executive who was enjoying her control over her people. The state remains one of the most restricted in the country, and we have put our plans for Michigan on hold. We feel bad for us, but more so for the people of Michigan. These folks are being held captive by their Governor. They should consider an RV and escaping while they can.

The Pandemic and its Delta Variant will someday be just a bad memory. But in it, we have found a new way to make our own memories. We know that the real world exists, and it can sometimes be hideous. But the beauty we enjoy while being on the road and the peace of mind it gives us supplies us much to look forward to. Even my daily blog that has been so much fun for me, needs an escape. That is why sometimes I need to write about something light. I know that politics will be there tomorrow.

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  1. Thanks for a great column today, Ray. Your perspective is much appreciated. Escaping is a must, for us, and we do it regularly. We are not RV’ers, but I could be persuaded. We did have some friends from NH visit us in their beautiful motor home. We’d be pleased to have you do the same.