Joe Biden Has Surrendered

By Ray Cardello for December 29, 2021 Season 7 / Post 50

Joe Biden is the man who ran for President in 2020 on two promises. He shouted from the Biden Election Headquarters, located in the basement of his Delaware home, that he was the man to reunite this divided America and crush the Pandemic. Since the country is more divided than ever, and we have had more COVID-related deaths in 2021 than in 2020, it is fair to say that Biden has failed.

On Monday, the President held a virtual town hall meeting with 25 governors, threw up his arms, and proclaimed no federal plan to overthrow the Pandemic. Many people were heard to gasp as these words passed his lips. Those people were his handlers, the CDC, and of course, Dr. Andrew Fauci. Since 2020, Joe Biden has been preaching about the importance of a unified federal plan, or effort, to eradicate the COVID virus. He claimed during the campaign that Donald Trump had no such plan but that he, Joe Biden, the next President of the United States, had one. You only had to elect him, and he would put his plan into action, and the Pandemic would soon be history. Not so fast, folks.

First, Joe Biden’s claim about no plan for the country to follow was a bald-faced lie, and he was well aware it was such. Donald Trump gave Biden a blueprint for his team’s federal plan. Biden rejected the usage of any Trump plan. The problem for Biden is the Trump plan was real and is proof of one of many Biden lies. This lie, unfortunately, may have cost people their lives.

Biden faced this screen of Governors. Sitting in their boxes like a shooting of Celebrity Squares, they had to be shocked to hear these words come from Biden’s lips. If you took him at his word, he was stripping all levels of government of their power in the battle against COVID. Biden said there is no federal plan, that the struggle needs to be won at the state level or even where the rubber hits the road. With that, he effectively gave all power to the individuals. What a foolish statement by our President, our Commander in Chief. Joe Biden just raised the white flag of surrender.

Joe Biden passed the responsibility for the Covid battle away from the Oval Office. They have shown that they cannot handle the logistics of battling the Pandemic. They have focused on vaccines and neglected the testing phase. Now we have people out of work because they have been exposed yet no means of testing. The CDC has reduced the timeframe for quarantine from 10 days to 5 days, but this was forced by the airline and healthcare industry, not from a proactive federal initiative. That is the shame of the situation. Nobody in the federal government is forward-thinking enough to be prepared for conditions brought about by the Pandemic.

That is the fundamental problem with the Biden Administration. They are reactive and not proactive. And when they do react, it is late and overreacting. With his actions this week, Dr. Anthony Fauci should be relieved of his duties, President Joe Biden and his entire administration should resign. After all, that is what he told Donald Trump in 2020. Biden will not resign, nor will any of his subordinates, and nobody will ever be fired. Biden may have surrendered, but nobody will ever be held accountable.

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