We Abandoned Science For Power

By Ray Cardello for December 28, 2021 Season 7 / Post 49

Since the early days of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have been told to follow the science. For two years, we have listened to the CDC, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and Dr. Deborah Birx, and we had blind faith in these people to lead us out of the black hole of COVID back to life as we knew it. We trusted these people because they knew the answers to all of our questions, and they were the experts. These were the people who analyzed the data, studied the history of these viruses, and if they told us to Mask, we would Mask. If they told us to quarantine, we hunkered down. If they told us to Social Distance, we stayed away from our friends and relatives. If they told us to shut down the schools and economy, who were we to disagree? We gave these people unlimited power, and they not only got drunk on that power, but they also craved more. We can blame ourselves for the powerless state that we find ourselves in.

The world surrendered to the few in the spring of 2020. We pulled the plug on our lives and shut down. We stopped working, traveling, worshipping, visiting, living for the two weeks needed to “flatten the curve.” Remember that phrase? We just needed 14 days to stop the spread and allow our healthcare system to get caught up. That 14 days was nearly 600 days ago and counting! We believed the story, took the bait, and could not spit out the hook.

We have left science behind. It is now about controlling the masses, and there is no end game in sight. The puppeteers are calling the shots. Mask mandates and vaccine IDs are their tools. They do not acknowledge that the risk factors are not equal across all demographics. We know that the elderly, overweight, and medically challenged are who we should be protecting. The controlling few want to paint all with a broad brush. From the young to old, they want all masked and boosted until there are no longer any cases of COVID or its mutations. Nothing in life has zero risk, and you cannot deprive people of fundamental rights and freedoms in pursuit of it.

It feels like every day, Dr. Fauci proclaims another restriction or mandatory activity. Fauci admitted that specific mandates squeeze the folks who are not vaccinated. Just today, he intimated that he might soon require a vaccination ID or Negative test results for traveling on domestic flights. Piggyback this with the mask mandate in airports and on commercial flights, and controllers are working overtime, not to educate or follow the science, but to punish those not vaccinated. The air on a commercial airliner is the most controlled and filtered. Even the outgoing CEO of Southwest Airlines admitted last week that masks are not as effective or required as the data dictates.

It is time we applied the brakes. We need to reverse the trend and neutralize the power trip. It has been a two-year journey down a road we have never traveled. We have relinquished many of our rights and freedoms, believing it was the right thing to do for all. Well, enough is enough. We do not need to get three or four boosters in the name of patriotic duty. The Omicron strain is weak, and most do not even realize they have the COVID virus. We do not need to take four steps back. When the administration gets their act together and has a plan, see us. In the meantime, we will make our way back to normal. There will be another strain. It will be weaker and spread faster than Omicron. We will apply science and common sense. It is our turn to assume a position of power.

This article was first published on The Liberty Loft thelibertyloft.com