Joe, Disco is Dead as are the ‘70s

By Ray Cardello for May 14, 2021. Season 1 / Post 118

Somebody has to tell him. Maybe Dr. Jill can. Maybe Kamala can. Maybe Jimmy did. Joe, Disco is dead, and none of us wants to go back to the ’70s. Back to the Future was a great movie, but none of us want to live by going back to gas shortages, high unemployment, out-of-control inflation, and daily images of missile attacks in the Middle East. In 113 days, Joe Biden has given us all of the above. Some in the Democrat party may find that a successful start.

I lived through the ’70s. In a way, they were a good time with the VietNam war behind us and a new, exciting future ahead. Then came the Carter years. You could not find a job coming out of college in the mid-decade. Company reps coming to campus were recruiting underclassmen for intern employment. Graduates had to get creative to find gainful employment. At the same time, we were under gasoline rationing with odd or even days at the pump, depending on the last digit of your license plate. Inflation was rampant, and mortgage rates were in the mid-teens. The economy was in turmoil, as was the guidance from an inept White House.

The Country had just come out of the Nixon era and was looking for a kinder and gentler leader. They put a peanut farmer from Georgia in the White House and were rewarded quickly with a Country immediately heading in the wrong direction. We are supposed to learn from our mistakes. The 2020 election is proof we did not learn from our past. Joe Biden is our new Jimmy Carter.

Listening to his 12:30 address on Thursday was difficult. He was stumbling through prepared sentences and started to laugh at one point when he got tongue-tied. He was the only one laughing. I thought it was interesting when he talked about the pipeline coming back online and the importance of re-establishing the flow into Maryland??? Is the DC area more critical than the Carolina’s? There are about 80% of the stations in North Carolina out of fuel. His advice to them is don’t panic. Gasoline is coming, so wait your turn. How tone-deaf and to verbalize it is so un-Presidential.

When talking about operators taking advantage of the situation and price gouging, he went into his signature whisper while leaning into the microphone. “Don’t do it.” Wow, so powerful when delivered in full whisper mode. That will stop them cold. In the meantime, gas is already over $3.00 in the Northeast and pushing $5.00 in California. I guess the whole country is ahead of Joe and taking huge profits.

Maybe the worst comments of the week were delivered by Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm when she laughed as she claimed that if Americans had bought into electric cars, this would not be a problem. What an idiot! This is said by the woman who should not be in her position with her significant investment in electric car batteries. Can you say conflict of interest? Again, diversity over talent. We have one and lack the other.

We have a mess. Let’s stay tuned to see where the next few days go. I do not have any faith they will go in the direction of a better America. That is not what this group wants, period.

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