Remove the Mask: Science or Politics

By Ray Cardello for May 15, 2021. Season 1 / Post 119

So that’s what they look like!

At 2:30 on Thursday afternoon, the CDC announced that it was now allowable for vaccinated people to remove their masks. At noon, the wearing of masks was still required to continue the fight against the Pandemic. Both of these stances were based on science. That is simply a lie. Both were based on polls and politics.

The Biden administration was having a disastrous week. When you look at the horrendous first 100 days, to say it was a bad week is going some. The Team needed a distraction, needed a win, and what better way to assuage the public than tell them to rip off their masks. He Psaki claimed in defense of the decision that they were using science as their North Star. Apparently, the skies have been cloudy over Washington because the science is changing hourly like the wind direction in New England.

This abrupt decision had nothing to do with science. The President claims he knew of the CDC decision at 9:30 on Wednesday night, yet he wore a mask to his briefing at 12:30 on Thursday afternoon. There was no mention of any change in the mask recommendations during that briefing. Just 90 minutes later, the new guidelines were announced. Amazing. Could it have had something to do with the disappointing retail sales numbers for April announced in the interim? That would make more sense, or was the change timed to mask (excuse the word usage) the decision to resume building part of the Border Wall halted on the first day of the Biden era?

I am running out of redundant adjectives to describe the performance of the President and his Team since their clock started ticking on January 20th. I do not think I have used amazing, but that is what this finely tuned orchestral act is…absolutely amazing. They are all on the same page spewing the same talking points as if they are synchronized swimmers. They do not miss a beat, and the media is wearing the same color swimsuit. They are solid members of the Team.

The bottom line is that this is all a meaningless charade. Blue states are pushing back on the new rules. Governor Whitmer is trying to find a way to shut down all communications from outside of Michigan. Mayor DeBlasio is trying to figure out what to do with all of the leftover hamburgers. Kamala Harris thinks she looks more vice presidential in a pantsuit with a matching mask. She likes kissing her husband through a mask. These people are a mess. Our local government is meeting on May 24th to decide whether to extend the town mask mandate. Do they not watch the news or believe the CDC? The mask has become their identity, and they cannot simply give them up.

I would love to burn my mask collection today, but with less than 50% of the population vaccinated, the mandate will be back. Not because the science says so, but as a requirement for the rest of the country to get the shots. This whole campaign has become a poll-driven fiasco, and with each lame decision, the credibility of the Biden team continues to erode.

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