Joe Has Gone from Selling Fear to Showing His Incompetence

By Ray Cardello for January 17, 2021 Season 8 / Post 19

Today is not the time or the right environment for transformation. The country is in a complicated place. We all need to be pulling for our President to be taking us in the right direction. We need a solid leader who recognizes we are a divided country that needs to unite as we learn to live in a post-Pandemic America. We need honesty and strength. We need a clear message that leaves no doubt in the President and his team. We do not need to be scolded like children but treated as adults who can make decisions based on the facts. We are not at the place we need to be. We do not have the leaders we need to get us there.

For the four years of the Trump Presidency, the Democrats did their best to convince the country that our President was a Russian plant. And that he, and his supporters, were a threat to the core of our country. Fear was planted and used to defeat the evil orange man and put Joe Biden into the White House. Biden and Harris sowed that fear by claiming that Trump left the country ill-prepared to fight the Pandemic and get the economy on track. Joe had a plan to unite the country, kill the Pandemic, and restore our economy. Our fears can be put to rest.

Our fear can rest no longer but is now stoked by the incompetence of our leaders, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. The year we just witnessed, culminating with the week from hell the two of them just had, gives us pause that we do not have the leaders needed for America. Allow me to be blunt when I say that Joe Biden does not have the mental acuity for the job, and Kamala Harris should not be anywhere near 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

This is where the complication comes into play. We know that Republicans and Democrats agree that Biden and Harris are not prepared or equipped for the job by the recent approval polls. We also know that Biden will not serve his complete term with his performance to date. The thought of Kamala Harris stepping into Biden’s shoes strikes fear in everyone. We somehow have to weather the next three years with a deadlocked Senate, a virtual stalemate in the House, and an incompetent White House. This situation, my friends, is a genuine threat to our core.

We have a plethora of challenges on the home front. We still need to resolve how we will live post-Pandemic. The Border continues to hemorrhage. Inflation is at a forty-year high. The supply chain is still broken. And confidence in our government is at an all-time low.

The international picture is out of focus. China is a threat in the South Pacific and now in the Middle East with its presence in Afghanistan. Iran is still working towards a nuclear nation, and North Korea is shutting down our air traffic with their missile testing. Russia is testing Biden’s resolve with their actions in Ukraine, and our President is still treating the job like a part-time gig.

I hope and pray that someone is ready to take control of this runaway train and get it safely into the station. No mask or mandate will protect us from all we face. We have much to be fearful of, and as we enter year two of the Biden era, the Pandemic may be the least of our problems.

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