Listen to What They Say But Watch What They Do

Ray Cardello. March 20, 2021

This is a cute bunch. They are all robotic when it comes to daily talking points. It is even clear that every talking head at CNN and MSNBC is on the mailing list for the key phrases of the day. Nancy Pelosi loves her Thursday chats with the press and Chuck can usually be seen somewhere on location in NYC on a Saturday or Sunday with a group of hungry liberal media folk hoping for the soundbite that will get them off weekend duty. What they talk about during these moments in the spotlight regarding the Progressive agenda that they know they have a two year window to push through is bad enough. What you can piece together by watching their actions should terrorize any conservative thinking American.

Much of what they want to accomplish while they have the Power Trifecta in D.C. would be much easier to become reality if they could turn the Supreme Court back to a Left Leaning branch of Government. They can do this by packing the court which does not have the support in the Senate to happen but they are working on Senators like Manchin and Sinema. These are moderate Senators who have voiced their opposition to packing SCOTUS but the pressure is on to get them to walk the party line. It is tough to have your own thoughts, principles or beliefs and be a Democrat. Being a Democrat means you are obediant to the powers…..Schumer and Pelosi, or you are ostracized.

If they are able to secure support of the Court, key hot wire changes to America will be achievable for this gang of left wing extremists. Abortion, Green Deal, Gun Control, Immigration, Voting & Election Reform, limiting state’s rights…..the list goes on and it is causing a tingle up the leg of Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. They have been waiting for this since 2008 when they last had control of our government. They did not take full advantage back then because they were, as Joe would say, a One Trick Pony. Back then their only focus was Obamacare and though they were somewhat successful with that initiative, they missed the mark by not spreading their attention to other issues. Thank God they screwed up.

The Dems are not taking a chance on not getting Biden, or Harris, to be able to appoint a Justice. They are pressuring Stephen Breyer to retire and must be irate that he is pushing back. RBG could have stayed forever but they want Breyer to step down for a younger, more Progressive Justice. So far, he is not cooperating which will give them all the more impetus to go the court packing route.

I am not sure what it will take before the Dems feel a blowback for what they are doing and planning to do. There are no surprises here. They are telling us what is in store it is just that most of us cannot believe logical Patriots would go down these paths. They are and they will. I think the best we can do is encourage our Republican reps to stay strong, resist the barrage and work to get new, fresh, Conservatives working now for 2022. It is just a blink away and it could very well be our chance to get the train back on the track. Don’t let complacency take root. Stay vigilant, communicate and get prepared to vote RED. We cannot let 2022 slip away without taking back at least one wing of Congress, two would be nice and may be enough to preserve this great country as we remember it.