Joe Stumbles But We Cannot Fall

Ray Cardello March 21, 2021

I took some heat for posting the video of Biden falling up the stairs of Air Force 1 on Facebook. I did not post it to mock the President and actually said I did not think it was funny. It is not. It is sad and a vivid reminder of the grave mistake this country has made by placing an old feeble man into the most powerful position in the world. Joe Biden’s age, he is 78, is not the problem. There are people in politics that are the same age or older but have better control of their faculties. Bernie Sanders (79), Dianne Feinstein (86), Chuck Grassley (86), Richard Shelby (86), Jim Inhofe (85) are all seniors of Biden but appear to be in full control. Joe Biden has obviously aged considerably since he and Obama left office in 2017. He showed issues with his attention span during the Democrat Debates in 2019 and 2020 and when he won the nomination and should have hit the campaign trail, he hit the basement of his home in Delaware. His handlers kept him from the public eye and ear as much as possible blaming the Pandemic for his seclusion, but it was obvious to most he was not up to the task. It worked. More out of media fed hatred for Trump and the backlash of the country locked down by COVID, Biden was able to unseat Trump and take over the White House.

Now that he and Kamala Harris are in charge, we are seeing much of the same from Biden. His schedule shows he is nothing more than a part time Commander in Chief and is never far from the ominous presence of Harris lurking behind him as if ready to swoop in if he falters. During the week, he very rarely has more than one or two events scheduled, and his day is usually done by 4PM.He has taken every weekend off since January 20th either resting at home in Delaware or at Camp David. Maybe this is a good thing for when he is in the Oval signing Executive Orders or speaking to a member of the media, he is doing us all harm. He has been in office for two short months but the trip up the stairs of AF 1 is not his only stumble.

So far, Biden has destroyed our Southern Border. Illegal immigrants are spilling into our country many wearing Biden t-shirts. Detention centers are beyond capacity, these people are not being tested and many of those who are test positive for COVID. This migration is not only a crisis but Biden’s own Super Spreader.

He killed thousands of jobs with his shut down of the Keystone Pipeline. Not only are people out of work but cities, towns and states are having to scramble to replace much needed funds generated by the pipeline. Over twenty states are taking Biden to court over that decision and hav a good chance of it being overturned. In the meantime, millions suffer.

Gas prices have already gone up nearly a dollar a gallon since election day and his assault on the oil, coal, auto and energy sector as a whole indicate there may be no ceiling to the price per gallon. As our economy starts to open back up and people start driving again for work or pleasure, these new higher fuel prices will have a negative impact on the spending power of this country. We had achieved energy independence under Trump but we are taking a huge step back under Biden.

The COVID Relief Bill is a disaster as is the pandemic is it supposed to give us help from. With $2 TRILLION added to our National Debt and only a small percentage actually earmanked for immediate relief, this bill is a clear example of the spending spree this new administration has in store. They are already putting together a $4 Trillion dollar infrastrucuture bill…..cannot wait to see where that bridge leads.

H.R. 1 is gaining momentum and will change voting laws and election control for years. If they are able to blow up the filibuster as planned, and this bill gets signed we may never see a Republican elected to office ever again. This single bill could destroy our Republic.

And oh yes, tax increases are on the horizon and they will be here fast. More money out of our pockets and into those of the wasteful politicians in D.C. Just another nail in our economy and recovery from COVID.

Diplomacy is supposed to be Biden’s strong suit but so far he has ticked off the Chinese, called Putin a killer and stoked the North Koreans. Harris is handling call from foreign heads of state, a job that should be handled by the President. He is not in charge and he is faltering.

Biden did fall up the stairs on Friday. I did not laugh because I saw it for what it is. This man is on his way down, Kamala is waiting in the wings and God help us, we have to hold on and minimize the damage until 2022. The countdown is on. And oh yeah, Joe…..take the elevator, please.

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