When Will The Left Call Out Its Own Hypocrisy?

March 22, 2021

Pick a topic and you can find numerous examples of Left Wing Hypocrisy. There is not even an attempt to hide it or an awareness of the fact that everything that they have said in the past is available forever. It makes fact checking so easy but if we do not hold these two faced people accountable, they will continue to use whichever side of their mouths that works at that time. I want to key on some of the current examples and the biggest offenders. Let’s have some fun.

Andrew Cuomo Sex Allegations This is really painful to watch unfold as it is not only hypocrisy but a slam to women. As of this writing, there are eight women who have come out and claimed sexual improprieties against Governor Cuomo and many on the left remain silent. The most egregious of the lot is Vice President Kamala Harris. During the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, Harris was emphatic that the accusers must be listened to and believed but that their allegations warranted an FBI investigation into Judge Kavanaugh’s interactions with these women. During the Presidential Debates, she accused Joe Biden of being a sexual predator and that she believed Tara Reade. The accusation may have scored her points that night but she totally did an about face when she was in consideration for the VP slot. Now that she is being asked to comment on the numerous charges against Cuomo, she has lost her voice….or her nerve. After all, you cannot kill your own unless it has some political upside for you. The Gillibrands, Warrens, Clintons, Hironos were all so fast to attempt to ruin Kavanaugh and his family but now it is silence or we need to wait for the investigation. What a different tone.

Children Torn From Mother’s Arms. You name them and they are singing a different tune. Every single Democrat in D.C. condemned President Trump for destroying families at the border. Kids in cages was the cry and who can forget the staged picture of AOC crying at the sight of detained children. Now, we are being humane. Separating them and shipping them to God knows where is so much more compassionate than taking them away from Human Coyotes and sending them back to their homeland to be reunited with their families. Children and adults are being transported to holding facilities all over the country. With no verifiable ID, how can this administration have a clue who is going where. Crisis? No, just a disaster and nobody is turning off the flow of humans across the border.

Peaceful Protests and Autonomous Zones All the protests around the country in 2020 were the fault of the evil Trump. From Minnesota to Portland to Seattle to the protest gone bad at the Capitol on January 6th, everything was the fault of Donald Trump and his followers of racist white supremacists. Defund the police, shut down the National Guard, breakup ICE and Border Patrol….now we have Fort Pelosi in D.C. with chain fencing, razor wire and armed guards. When it comes to American cities, businesses and property, who cares. When it comes to Nancy, Chuck and there band of merry men and women, no cost be spared to protect their butts.

This is not about Left Vs Right. This is more about right Vs wrong or truth Vs lies. These situations are not difficult to decide which side you should be on but that is where we are in this new world. If we say black then they see white and vice versa. How can anyone condone someone who has sexually abused eight women and counting? Who can condone any destruction of property out of frustration or anger? Who can look at thousands of people illegally entering our country every day and say bring them on? These should be situations we should be able to reach common ground on but that is not allowed in this new world. In this world, there has to be disagreement. It feeds upon itself. There can be no bilateral legislation. There will only be bills pushed through with all Dems voting one way and all Republicans voting the other. We are broken. We are polarized and I fear there is only an impending catastrophe that we can finally unite against that will bring everyone to there senses. I honestly think this immigration crisis will finally do it but when and how much damage will be done in the meantime?

As of this weekend, the Biden administration awards ICE $86M contract to secure hotel rooms for illegal families. We are now going to be spending over $700 a day to put illegal aliens up in 5 star hotels because detention facilities are overloaded. How long will it be before we take over Disney World by eminent domain to put up families from El Salvador in the Contemporary or maybe Cinderella’s Castle. Well there are plenty of vacancies because Americans can’t travel safely because of COVID but illegals can roam freely among us. Makes sense, right? Guess the answer depends on which side of the aisle you call home.

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