This is the New Slavery

March 23, 2021

How ironic that the same people who call us racist for being against an uncontrolled flow of men, women and children across what used to be our southern border are the party in favor of the 21st century version of slave importation. That’s right. I said it. These people coming across our border at Joe Biden’s invitation are today’s equivalent to the blacks brought from Africa in the early days of our country.

These people coming across our border are not fleeing oppression and hardship, they are pursuing the dream that is being promised to them by the man who’s name is on their t-shirt…..Joe Biden. Nayib Armando Bukele Ortez, the President of El Salvador, was very open last week with Tucker Carlson, when he said that America is stripping his country of the future of his country. As the young male population of his country is fleeing to America for the promise of a better life, the chance of El Salvador growing their own economy is dwindling. They will not have the workforce to support the industry needed to grow in the future. We have a similar problem here. Except we have over ten million people unemployed, many due to the pandemic, who will now have to compete with the cheap supply of labor from El Salvador and every other country in Central and Southern America. This influx of cheap labor is nothing more than slave labor. You can deny it but how better would you describe it? These people have no connection to this country. They have little control over where they will be sent to live. They are not educated. They do not have high skills. They will be destined to work in low paying, low skill jobs forever. They are the new generation of slave labor that years from now Democrats will be seeking reparations for to make themselves feel better. How about we quell the need to have your guilt mollified and stop the flow before it turns to guilt.

This thought process may be difficult for some to accept but it is not necessary. If we kept the border secure. If we did not encourage people from south of the border to make the trek. If we finished the wall and funneled the flow of immigrants to the ports where they can be processed and handled properly, If we just understood that we are recovering from a Pandemic that has restricted the rights and freedoms of every American for more than a year and that we need to heal our own country before we open the door to guests from other countries. We are in no position to accept an unlimited number of people from any country and that is why we drastically need immigration reform and an actual working immigration policy. This is something that has been kicked down the road for four decades. Just like our government, our immigration process is broken. Neither is showing signs of a quick recovery.

Biden says we don’t have a crisis, but Monday, he set side $86M to house illegal immigrant families in luxury hotels. Nothing encourages a two thousand mile hike to the border like room service and a stocked mini bar. Americans are still discouraged from traveling and enjoying a vacation due to COVID-19 but illegals are picking up the slack on the dime of the American people. Thank God for the compassion and wallets of Americans.

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